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Vengeance Squad #3 Flashback Review

Vengeance Squad #3 was published by Charlton Comics back in 1975 and yet its titular team's story sucks! Seriously their story is more Mark Trail style newspaper comic strip than comic book. There is a lack of emotion, sequencing, and just logic. I mean they are said to be "famous" and a lead meets with the Attorney General. How does that even work? Famous could just be among the criminals so I can let that slide. However arranging a meeting with a high-level authority figure when one is a vigilante is like having the Punisher read to kids.

  As for the cover it has characters showing no emotion, no realistic fighting abilities, and a clutter of visuals.

  Now there are two saving graces for this issue that make it worth recommended status. The first of these "saving graces" is the decent back-up story featuring private eye Mauser. Said back-up has logic, emotion, and sequencing galore in comparison to the titular feature. This title is also saved by the fact t…

X-O Manowar Issue 36 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The storytelling "angle" of Aric joining up with the other armors is well chosen. It avoids some general comparisons to other cosmic weapon based teams. There is even some possible foreshadowing of Aric's end. From an artistic standpoint we get no aliens that could be mistaken as human cosplayers. So kudos there. The coloring and lettering jobs are competent which is good. Though a little experimentation would have been interesting in regards to the Aliens' designs and font styles. Overall a highly recommended issue.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 14

The English dub has speaking in quiet scenes for no reason about "gum" of all things. Why? I mean there are funny additions to the anime because of this, but it also means they spent extra money. Also Sailor Moon Crystal Usagi is smarter than original anime versions of Usagi and Serena combined. Take for example the way the English dub has Serena question Tuxedo Mask's first appearance in a while. Also why was the gun bit edited out and replaced with reversed animation? Finally I am sick to death with the Negaverse ties in the English version!

Imperium Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue would have worked better with last issue's regular cover that features our current lead character. However, I found this issue's regular cover to be excellent in style nonetheless. Though the interiors could have used some stronger lines on the thighs' for the "dimension research" suits. Overall the art is great and has a subtle creepiness to it when we see the eyeball collection. As for the writing it has creepy parts in the dialogue and everyone has a unique voice. Finally the coloring and lettering are well done.

   My verdict is: Recommended!

Convergence Main Series Review With Spoilers And Foul Language

Warning Of Spoilers And Foul Language!
    Issue zero had decent art and an interesting set-up. Though it is bogged down by too much New 52 Superman continuity. It is made pointless by subsequent issues. The first issue is just more set-up with fine art, but has a lame plot starting to develop. Issues two to seven are filled with various levels of flaws. Finally we have issue 8...Initiating foul language mode...buffering...buffering...initiated.
  Holy shit this issue fucking screwed up the entire publishing history of DC Comics more than any other bad comic. Convergence Brainiac is supposedly at every major event and able to look back at residents of Earth-Prime and The Monitors. Not only that but they fucked around with the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths. Also they screwed around with the fates of characters like Rip Hunter, Parallax, and the Superman and Lois who finally had a kid. There is even the problem of the main New 52 Earth characters having done jack squat in the stor…

Archie Vs Predator Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  This issue is funnier than the last. Where the first issue was mainly set-up, with a few gags, this issue has gags and plot galore. Heck the first issue should have just been whittled down to the basics points and added on to this issue. I say this, in a long-winded way, because we find out the Predator is a teen and the government was keeping their existence secret. So all the previous given plot is kind of pointless in comparison to the new stuff. As for the gags they are humorous and my favorite is Jughead eating the cake.

  The art works well with the horror parody nature of this comic's tone and nature. Though the writing could be better in terms of not killing off so many characters so quickly. That little bit felt rushed and a bit of a waste. However, I do find the idea of the Predator being a teen to be intriguing. Overall I think this issue is worth giving my recommendation. It is currently in stores and digital.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hey Carrot Ship Edition

1. Dr. Blink Superhero Shrink #0 (2004) created by John Kovalic and Christopher Jones and published by Dork Storm Press. Funny and satiric with a sharp wit and great visuals. It has black and white interiors, but that just means even color-blind readers can see it.

2. The story "On The Road" from Justice League Quarterly #12 1993 surprisingly wows with it's simple story and internally powerful females. It helps that the visuals don't look like they are trying to ape early Image creators styles. Recommended for those looking for super powered and independent women.

3. Deadpool #0 published by Marvel and Wizard Magazine in 1998. Just twelve pages of fun with Deadpool killing artificial versions of characters.

4. Birthright #7 published 2015 by Image is a solid sequential storytelling with the minor problem of not being accessible to all readers. If it had a recap page that would solve the problem.

Dark Horse's Phoenix Comiccon Panels and Signings Information

Visit Dark Horse Comics at Phoenix Comicon for free swag, such as comics, buttons, posters, and more! Check out our show exclusives, signings, and panels, too! PHOENIX COMICON EXCLUSIVE
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All creators signing in our booth offer their autographs for FREE. FREE prints, comics, or posters are provided for signings (while supplies last). You may purchase or bring items to be signed; however, we may restrict the type or number of items to be signed as necessary. Please note that some of the titles listed below have not been released for sale yet—in those cases, special prints will be available. Lines may also be closed for some signin…

Unity Issue 18 Mini-Review

There is not a lot I can say except the whole creative team did remarkable work. Especially on keeping the secret of where this story ends. Also the expressions are awesome on every character. Finally the dialogue and plot are natural in feeling. Definitely a recommended comic.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Tempo Boom Edition

1. The Intimates #12 from 2005 is a dissatisfying conclusion to the series due to art and story problems. It also has several typos.

2. Archie & Friends cartoon series from 1968 is not recommended due to health risks with the flashing light opening, and being very dated. (Yes this is not a comic, but it uses the comic characters.)

3. Street Fighter Super Combo Free Comic Book Day 2015 has no real plot. It is just a 'have these people fight and repeat as needed" comic. If there is a regular comic series this is promoting then they failed at doing so.

4. The story "Negative Feedback" from Justice League International Quarterly #12 circa 1993. There are failings in the art such as the body proportions and eyeballs not looking right. Also Mark Waid's writing seems to be at the barely trying level with characters and plot feeling stock for the most part.

The Goon Once Upon A Hard Time Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers

  Goon's monologue of life beating on him mixes well with this issue's visual symbolism to create a thought-provoking scene. Speaking of the symbolism this issue has the right amount, especially when compared to issue 2's overwrought mess. Though this is not to say this issue, and the story arc, does not a flaw. Said problem is that of accessibility to first time readers or those not familiar with the serious moments in The Goon. However that is barely above nitpick level as problems go, and since the art and story are great I will recommend this issue.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episodes 12 & 13

Things I liked in these two episode because they work: Artemis being a test subject for the Makai twig. It works because he has acted like a jerk at times in the past, and thus this amused me. Mamoru protecting Usagi on instinct. The tea (Japanese dub) vs hot chocolate (English dub) difference. Reference to the Moon Kingdom memories with the Luna book Mamoru glances at in Episode 12. Usagi's facial expressions while eating. The fact this story arc is over finally!*

   Questions: So the Makai/Doom Tree is just about the story of the origin of an alien race and how two survivors are saved through love? Plus the tree can talk and implant images in peoples heads? Usagi's Attack sends out a cleansing blast of love? Or was that just for this story arc's conclusion? Another thing I don't is how Mamoru even heard about An being "sick" in the first place? How bad were the translating writers when they have Serena/Usagi forget Melvin/Umino and Molly/Naru got attacke…

Survey For Next Opinion Piece Series

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Note: The winning choice is planned to start after I finish all episodes of the original Sailor Moon anime. So it will be a while yet, unless I receive a large enough number. In that case I am willing to make the winning choice a weekly thing in my Saturday schedule after the results are in. The none winning choices will be in a part of the next survey.

The above link is for those having trouble with the embedded version.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 15 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!  

The art is great! Kudos to the artist for the level of expertise it took to draw such realistic wounds. Also the colorist chose a great palette not only for the blood but the entire book. There are no lettering mistakes which takes more skill then most might think.* As for the writing it is almost top-notch, except for the difference of opinion regarding the importance of Spike's soul to who he is.  Since I have spoken out about this subject before on this blog I will refrain from talking about it further. Finally this is heading in a great direction at the moment, and I recommend this issue and season for those lapsed Buffyverse fans.

  *Speaking from what little personal experience I have with lettering a comic.

Deathlok Issue 8 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   I wanted to like this issue... but there are too many logic fails. First up is Michael Collins (the Deathlok created by Dwayne McDuffie) still being able to act as Deathlok after appearing mostly human. Not explained are the two hows of this situation. How did he do the quick change with no apparent bag containing his stuff? We also have to ask: How human is Michael now?

   Next we have the problem of it being a very quick interlude that is more interesting than the main story. This problem is due to the logic fail caused by how the series has been paced as a whole. It is like a really long thriller movie with glacial pacing. This is issue 8 of a series that has so little development it brings new meaning to written for the trade. I mean S.H.I.E.L.D. is still basically at square one in their search for the new Deathlok and the bad guys.

  Finally neither the art or writing explain to us why the new Deathlok suddenly got the ability to reboot his health/system. What…

Grimmiss Island Issue 3 Mini-Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    This issue is good in the sequencing of events. The art is satisfactory for how much of this style I have seen from these creators. There is one insult/joke that takes some thinking to get, but overall the gags/jokes are funny even to adult sensibilities. I recommend this issue for kids and parents.

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Starring Edition

1. Who was the second person ever to get ripped off by a map to the stars' homes salesperson?

2. Heck what scumbag even came up with this idea?

3. How many have been actually correct at one point just by sheer accident?

4. On an unrelated possible sign of the end times note: Why has no one remade Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot! (No, I am not talking rip-offs or parodies of any sort! I mean straight up remake the same movie with a different cast.)

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 11

First off that fence that Ail and An observe the final battle at seems merged with their faces. We also have the problem of how oblivious Usagi is in the original dub to An saying she is from another planet. Usagi should not be this dumb! Especially when Usagi has noticed the duo's other strange behavior. 
   I prefer the English dub's name versus constantly hearing/seeing the shortened Aman in the Japanese. Also I like the nicer An in the English version from the 1990s versus the vicious Japanese version. There is just something about the aliens slowly adapting to human behavior that I like. Plus for once DIC actually did a good thing by making Usagi act more intelligent versus her original characterization.
   Two questions only this time. Exactly how did An and Ail get successfully registered for school with their fake pasts being so flimsy? Also how do they know how to read and speak any earth language? (Yes these things only just now occurred to me!)

Tomb Raider Issue 15 Mini-Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

The art is much better than the previous few issues in terms of having a consistent nature. Though there is still a little problem with Lara's breast size from panel to panel. However, I view this as a minor problem in comparison to what could have happened with the art. Finally the art combines especially well with the writing to create a great narrative where Lara is a savior. (Yes that last part is the spoiler.)

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 Hidden Agenda - Nemesis

Note: I felt it necessary to mix the questions with the opinions again for this piece. 

    Wiseman's laugh sounded freakier at times in this episode. Also great job watching the immature 900 year old! Seriously did no one think to watch Small Lady after all the Black Moon encounters? Heck shouldn't Pluto have known someone else with a key was in the time stream doorway? Speaking of Pluto she got knocked down rather easily. I did not like that! Also I did not like that my first viewing of this episode seems to have small jump cut glitches in the editing! Did like the information about Nemesis and Wiseman.  Looking forward to the future time when I will find out what was cut from the manga. On a side note I am hoping they will make English subs or dubs of the live-action stuff someday.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Yet Another With The Flash Edition

1. The Journal Of MODOK Studies Volume One, Number Three is yet another entertaining installment in a little known about fanzine devoted to Marvel's MODOK.

2. Flash #73 (1993) is a great christmas centric issue. It also feels like it could be a day in the life type story. The only real problem is how Wally's feet are drawn on the cover.

3. Flash #72 from 1993 has beautiful anatomy art work. It also has the second half of a two-part story that easily can stand on its own merits.

4. Chakra The Invincible Free Comic Book Day Special published by Graphic India in 2015 is a great all-ages comic featuring an Indian super hero.

Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day 2015 Review

"Fight Club" was a confusing story for me to read. Anyone who has neither read the original book or seen the movie will most likely not understand this story. The art is competent, but is hampered by the script. This is basically a story that obviously bridges some gaps in between the original and Fight Club 2. I will recommend this story only for die-hard fans of the book or movie. Those looking for a good comic should avoid this story.

  "The Goon" is a taste of classic style Goon storytelling. Though short the story is humorous with a touch of heartfelt. Very accessible for newer readers, and just fun for regulars. Definitely recommended for those of the appropriate age.

   Finally "The Strain" features good art, dialogue, and plot. However, it has a weak ending for first timers to this universe. Though I will recommend it for those looking for a short horror story with thought-provoking dialogue.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Factor X Miracles Edition

1. X-Factor #137 from 1997 has several flaws. From different colorings of a character's hair to a character's reaction to getting shot by a laser. This issue has too many flaws to be recommendable.

2. The Monkees #14 is nonsensical unfunny gags with very loose story plots.

3. Having text right above or below the title of a comic in a way that can cause confusion. Case in point the phrase "All New" on Vengeance Squad #1 (1975) from Charlton.

4. 1st Issue Special #6 from 1975 starred The Dingbats Of Danger Street. Considering it was the mid-70s the way the Asian-American character Bananas is drawn in a stereotypical racist fashion. While this was most likely unintentional given Jack Kirby's nature it is still not something I can recommend. There is also the fact that this kid gang creation of Kirby's is just boring when compared to their predecessors.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 10

This episode is weird! Though I did find the English dub to be annoying, especially with how there is almost no reasoning for the costume selection. At least the Japanese dub gives us a reason of pleasing a lead. However, I don't get how egotism equates into how well someone can act. Speaking of acting, Makoto's use of her breast size as a reason to play Snow White (Japanese dub) is so wrong and yet so funny. Though I did notice her breast size, as well as the rest of her body shape, changing throughout this episode.

  Questions! Get Your Questions! Anyone else think Luna dancing while starry-eyed is something they should have done more with? Also if Ami actually has the No. 1 score on a national test wouldn't someone figure out her secret identity? Finally how did An know the old straw scam?

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 13 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

More texture could have been applied to the characters in a lot of the panels. They really look too smooth to be believable in some of the panels. That said I feel the overall line work is strong. Especially when showcasing the differences between Fred's and Illyria's mannerisms. I also think the differences between the disheveled and put together versions of Fred and Faith are well done.

   In regards to the writing I feel this issue picked up the pace just a bit. For example Illyria coming back again. Also the characterization is more spot on with Angel in this issue then most of this series/season's past issues. Finally the dialogue is very natural in how it feels. Though I think Giles' Aunts should be given a more active role versus just being reduced to bit characters.

  Despite the problems this is a pretty solid issue in my opinion and one I recommend.

Quantum And Woody Must Die Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   This issue is fine for most of the art except for a specific character's chest in two panels. Now this may come across as sexist (which is not my intent) but Quantum & Woody's favorite female cop is not looking right in her departing panels. She looks like her bra is outlining her shirt and also like she is way too flat to be wearing said bra. I am all for showing women of all personalities, shapes and sizes, & etc. but can we not have a female cop look frumpy and odd in her own clothes?

   Now as for the writing it is extremely funny. The coloring is awesomely consistent. Also kudos to the letterer and editing team since I did not see any typos, except the on-purpose ones for Goat. Finally the title is not a misnomer, but not what most of us thought when this was announced. I recommend this issue be picked-up in either single format along with the previous three or in trade.

Dead Drop Issue 1 Review

This issue is quickly paced due to being very match a chase based story. That being said the proper amount of set-up is given for the plot and overarching internal mystery. The colors are well-chosen, and the lettering is top-notch. However line work is too thick in some places and too thin in others. For example Aric's butt and thighs in the last panel to feature him. In regards to the stated panel his butt looks flat where it should look muscular and his thighs seem a little off as well. Overall I would recommend this issue for those looking for a fast read that is entertaining. Those looking for something deep may want to wait for a different comic.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Morrison Atomized Edition

1. Captain Atom #89 published by Charlton in 1967. Both stories have leaps in the text and visual storytelling. For example Nightshade brings a skateboard to a battle and then  not using it.

2. 'The Flash Times Five Is Fatal!' from The Flash #217 (1972) is just nonsense fictional science of the Silver Age variety in a non-Silver Age story. In other words a sub-par cover based plot shoved together with an art style that does not match.

3. 'Flash?--Death Calling!' from The Flash #199 (1970) has a weak plot due to not being a full issue worth of story. Also Iris knows Barry is the Flash and yet thinks of and refers to him in private as Flash. She should be thinking of him as Barry, her husband, at the least.

4. X-Factor #143 from 1998 has a relatively decent story, but the art is all over the place in terms of anatomical proportions. Also the pacing seems a little off in a way I can't put my finger on.

FCBD 2015: Valiant 25th Anniversary Special Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    The art is great! Really there are no anatomy or other problems of any kind that I could find. Though I found the Bloodshot/Unity centric story to be a little in odd terms of it being a prequel and aftermath. I did find it to be an intriguing addition to Bloodshot Reborn and The Valiant. On the other hand I found the Armor Hunters tale to be only a good add-on to the Valiant Universe. As for the Ninjak #1 preview, it will only be of interest to those who have not seen these pages before. Finally I recommend this book not just for fans of Valiant but for the creators who are credited for working at Valiant. Some of which probably will be touched by the tribute.

Dark Horse Goes Mini With Mattel's He-Man Mini-Comics Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Following the critically acclaimed release of The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Dark Horse and Mattel have teamed up once again to deliver another must-have book in 2015: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Minicomic Collection. The toy juggernaut Masters of the Universe and its subsequent action figure lines featured memorable pack-in minicomics that aided in playtime for children across the world. Clocking in at 1,232 pages, this impressive oversized hardcover collection features sixty-eight US releases, including all minicomics from the ’80s Masters of the Universe line, the ’80s Princess of Power line, and the ’80s and ’90s He-Man line, plus an introduction to the minicomics in the current Masters of the Universe Classics toy line—all in production order. Relive the illustrated adventures that fueled your imagination! He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Minicomics Collection is on sale October 21 in comic shops and Novemb…

Interview With Rapper Reverie Love

Rip: What kind of music are you willing to listen to but could not for one reason or another take part in?
Reverie Love: I am willing to participate in any type of music that I listen to. I am not scared to branch out & do what I want to do artistically & I don't think anyone should be scared either.
Rip: Have you had to fight stereotyping in your career?
Reverie Love: Yes, I definitely face challenges when it comes to stereotypes, especially being a woman. A lot of people expect me to sleep with them to get something just because a lot of other women have slept with them to get on a line up or to get a collab, it's ridiculous. I also get judged before people hear me rap, they think I'm gonna suck or be "good for a girl" but the minute they hear me rap, everything changes & their faces light up.
Rip: Without naming names what is a pre-show ritual that you have seen others do that you have been like "why do they do that"?
Reverie Love: I've se…

Gene Ha's Mae Kickstarter Rewards Still Available

Watch the video and at least think about donating to this Kickstarter. Yes it is fully funded but you might see a cool reward you want.

Rat God Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

This issue's introductory narrative is not right in feeling for a third issue, but it would work fine for a first issue or an episodic comic. The rest of the writing works well and keeps up the strangeness of the story. For crying-out-loud the comic is titled Rat God so obviously some consideration is needed for strangeness. Dialogue-wise it could be better in terms of natural dialogue, overall though it is fine.

   On the art side of things the shadows and texture are master-level at adding a realistic design sense within the comic. There are two problems with the art though. Like the first problem (introductory narrative) I did not get a positive feeling from the bottom victim on the cover. It just seemed to go overboard on the horror element with that one. Finally the first sacrifice in the story has a bad body design when disappearing into the "Rat God" pit. For example one of his arms is bigger than the other and out of place.

  Despite the problems …

Mind Management Issue 32 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    The art is great at suggesting either cannibalism or experimentation when showing the skeletons. There are some great lines of dialogue that really stand out. I think the fake cigarette ad at the end is a nice gag bit in design and execution. I think there could have been just a little less mention of Lyme and certain bits of established last issue info. [Though I do understand from talking with Dark Horse staff last year (2014) that this has been a bit of an episodic ongoing series.] Finally this issue has got my recommendation.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 9

This episode is weird in both dubs. However, I do think that the Japanese got the creepy version. I mean Usagi is basically eating like a Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise. Speaking of food I prefer the Juice line Ami says in the English vs. the Japanese's Usagi repetition. I also think Makoto needs therapy regarding her obsession with that one heartbreaker from her past.

   Questions! Why was the monster renamed Mophead? Were the original workers on the English dub feeling lazy when they did this renaming? Why Makoto is wanting payback for her destroyed lunch? What the heck is she so upset about that for when someone tried to kill her? Really a kiss from Ail and all is forgiven? If nobody called Venus and Mars how did they know to show up to the fight? For that matter why is the Moonlight Knight not actually fighting for more then a second or two in any battle?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Funky Dino Taco Burgers Edition

1. Jurassic Strike Force 5 Free Comic Book Day One-Shot circa 2015. This is a simple but enjoyable narrative that is recommend for those looking for a quick read or an elementary school level kids comic. I say "elementary school level" simply to give an age range for parents to go by.

2. Drawn & Quarterly FCBD 2015 SuperMutant Magic Academy/Step Aside Pops Combo has great teen to adult material on both sides. Both creators types of humor make up for what this combo comic lacks in original feel for either of the art styles.

3. Mercury Heat Debut FCBD 2015 published by Avatar. Recommended more for the supplemental material written by Kieron Gillen than the main narrative. Though I do feel the story and art are decent.

4. Secret Wars #1 (2015) has a good story that is beautifully paced and presents some good logic. Having not followed Hickman's full Avengers runs I oddly did not feel lost. Though I did notice a problem with a character seemingly being in two visual area…

Are We Truly As Far Along As We Think

As the title of this post suggests I question, as I believe everyone should, how far along humankind has come since we began. Now I am not going to suggest one Human origin story over another, but I will say that science plays a part in this post. Just look at the human skeletal remains scientists keep digging up that are from older versions of us than we previously thought possible. They suggest that we are still growing and changing as a species. They show us the past.

   On another hand the present shows us how immature we still are as a species. One example is the proliferation of weapons so that people can make war on "outdated" ideas like freedom of expression. I am talking about the crazies who bomb French cartoonists, or gun down in Texas innocents at a convention. Heck the fact we can't fully trust any authority figure from politicians to police to teachers says a lot about our lack of development. The final example I will give for the present is the fact th…

Valiant Universe Handbook 2015 Edition #1 Mini-Review In Advance

Spoiler Warning!

   This character index is recommended for anyone looking for a quick summary of Valiant's many characters and events. There is the issue of typos, but that is expected in such a word filled comic guide book. Certain current goings-on like Divinity are left inconclusive on the profiles. Finally the art is well-chosen for each character.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 21 Complication Nemesis

Several creepy moments occur besides just the Wiseman/Phantom's appearances, and yes that includes the final scene with Small Lady and Wiseman. The creepiest moment is Demande's sexual assault on Usagi by means of forcing a kiss. I mean he clearly talks about wanting to be with her whether she wants him or not and then forces himself on her. It does not help that her reaction is odd in that she acts as if she had a real choice in the matter, especially since he used his powers on her at the time. If you look at her dialogue it comes across like she thinks she cheated. That is messed up! Also messed up is the fact that Chibi-Usa gets jealous of her Father's friendship with Pluto.

  Questions! Does Mamoru have an innate ability to inspire women to be jealous of others for weird reasons? Why did no one think Phantom might escape, especially when Queen Metallia's escape from captivity initiated the series of 'modern day' events? Why did everyone forget about Pha…

What I Did And Saw At C2E2 2015 Special Post

The reason I wrote this post is one of my tweeps asked me to.   

   First off I saw very few panels I really wanted to attend and the two I definitely saw were Valiant Entertainment related. I use the word "definitely" because after being away from a convention for several days I feel time starts working normally for me again. Anyone who has been to a big convention knows they can drain energy and distort time. Speaking of energy I grew agitated due to not remembering to actually take my medication on Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon I had to leave the con floor and go back to my room. On the way to the hotel elevators I ran into a person who was, if I remember right, working with Chip Zdarsky. She recognized me and mentioned Chip's table as the reference but I was too out of it to remember until later. Sorry!

    Now as to parties, I never have been invited to one at a convention so nothing to really say here. I did go down to the bar area of the Hyatt on Friday …

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Sneaky Cat Attack Edition

1. Avengers: Operation Hydra #1 (2015) is a cash grab plain and simple.

2. X-Factor #130(1997) has horrible art in terms of consistency, non-existent feet, facial expressions, etc. The good creative element is the X-Files style conspiracy story.

3. Divergence FCBD Special Edition #1 2015 is just not something I liked. Really just seemed like a glorified ad for three series set in the New 52. This also means the horribleness of the New 52 creative direction will continue after Convergence.

4. Bongo Comics Free-For-All Free Comic Book Day 2015 is not recommended for the fact parents may have to explain what Puberty is before young Simpsons fans are ready. Also the phrase "Slots For Tots."

EI8HT Issue 3 Mini-Review with Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    This was kind of predictable regarding the wife and target reveals, but over all the story is engaging. In fact it shows definite improvement over the first two issues in terms of the writing. However, it needs to pick up the pace a bit in some areas in order to even out the storytelling. As for the art it rocks except when it comes to the main character's feet on a rock he is climbing. The problem is the feet look too wide and flat. Finally the coloring and lettering were solid.

    My verdict is that this is a recommended comic.