Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 13 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  More texture could have been applied to the characters in a lot of the panels. They really look too smooth to be believable in some of the panels. That said I feel the overall line work is strong. Especially when showcasing the differences between Fred's and Illyria's mannerisms. I also think the differences between the disheveled and put together versions of Fred and Faith are well done.

   In regards to the writing I feel this issue picked up the pace just a bit. For example Illyria coming back again. Also the characterization is more spot on with Angel in this issue then most of this series/season's past issues. Finally the dialogue is very natural in how it feels. Though I think Giles' Aunts should be given a more active role versus just being reduced to bit characters.

  Despite the problems this is a pretty solid issue in my opinion and one I recommend.


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