Archie Vs Predator Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  This issue is funnier than the last. Where the first issue was mainly set-up, with a few gags, this issue has gags and plot galore. Heck the first issue should have just been whittled down to the basics points and added on to this issue. I say this, in a long-winded way, because we find out the Predator is a teen and the government was keeping their existence secret. So all the previous given plot is kind of pointless in comparison to the new stuff. As for the gags they are humorous and my favorite is Jughead eating the cake.

  The art works well with the horror parody nature of this comic's tone and nature. Though the writing could be better in terms of not killing off so many characters so quickly. That little bit felt rushed and a bit of a waste. However, I do find the idea of the Predator being a teen to be intriguing. Overall I think this issue is worth giving my recommendation. It is currently in stores and digital.


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