Are We Truly As Far Along As We Think

    As the title of this post suggests I question, as I believe everyone should, how far along humankind has come since we began. Now I am not going to suggest one Human origin story over another, but I will say that science plays a part in this post. Just look at the human skeletal remains scientists keep digging up that are from older versions of us than we previously thought possible. They suggest that we are still growing and changing as a species. They show us the past.

   On another hand the present shows us how immature we still are as a species. One example is the proliferation of weapons so that people can make war on "outdated" ideas like freedom of expression. I am talking about the crazies who bomb French cartoonists, or gun down in Texas innocents at a convention. Heck the fact we can't fully trust any authority figure from politicians to police to teachers says a lot about our lack of development. The final example I will give for the present is the fact that we still argue like children on a playground over our varying beliefs, ideals, and general ideas.

   In conclusion if the future is going to be more like a science fictional wonderland then perhaps we need to look past nations, religions, skin, gender and all other differences that hurt no one and just talk. Be honest, but open-minded.


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