Convergence Main Series Review With Spoilers And Foul Language

Warning Of Spoilers And Foul Language!

    Issue zero had decent art and an interesting set-up. Though it is bogged down by too much New 52 Superman continuity. It is made pointless by subsequent issues. The first issue is just more set-up with fine art, but has a lame plot starting to develop. Issues two to seven are filled with various levels of flaws. Finally we have issue 8...Initiating foul language mode...buffering...buffering...initiated.

  Holy shit this issue fucking screwed up the entire publishing history of DC Comics more than any other bad comic. Convergence Brainiac is supposedly at every major event and able to look back at residents of Earth-Prime and The Monitors. Not only that but they fucked around with the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths. Also they screwed around with the fates of characters like Rip Hunter, Parallax, and the Superman and Lois who finally had a kid. There is even the problem of the main New 52 Earth characters having done jack squat in the story.

  What the fuck is wrong with DC? Do the people in charge even realize how much piss they just poured on both hardcore and casual readers with this BS story? I mean all of this was rushed with practically no attachment to the events in the series or explanation of any kind. It is hack writing and feels heavily influenced by editorial and the suits above them. Heck even the art devolved in several places such as returning characters to their universes. 

  Finally there is the problem that this story, like Identity Crisis, effects our thoughts and feelings on previously published stories. We can no longer know for sure how any DC continuity from the past or present works because of this fucking mistake. It is just as stupid as how the staff on television's Lost never explained the polar bear and yet said everything was a clue. 

  Not recommended due to how it rapes DC's long history of moments and our minds, beliefs, and fandoms. Also all the pointless deaths.


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