Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day 2015 Review

  "Fight Club" was a confusing story for me to read. Anyone who has neither read the original book or seen the movie will most likely not understand this story. The art is competent, but is hampered by the script. This is basically a story that obviously bridges some gaps in between the original and Fight Club 2. I will recommend this story only for die-hard fans of the book or movie. Those looking for a good comic should avoid this story.

  "The Goon" is a taste of classic style Goon storytelling. Though short the story is humorous with a touch of heartfelt. Very accessible for newer readers, and just fun for regulars. Definitely recommended for those of the appropriate age.

   Finally "The Strain" features good art, dialogue, and plot. However, it has a weak ending for first timers to this universe. Though I will recommend it for those looking for a short horror story with thought-provoking dialogue.


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