In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 9

    This episode is weird in both dubs. However, I do think that the Japanese got the creepy version. I mean Usagi is basically eating like a Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise. Speaking of food I prefer the Juice line Ami says in the English vs. the Japanese's Usagi repetition. I also think Makoto needs therapy regarding her obsession with that one heartbreaker from her past.

   Questions! Why was the monster renamed Mophead? Were the original workers on the English dub feeling lazy when they did this renaming? Why Makoto is wanting payback for her destroyed lunch? What the heck is she so upset about that for when someone tried to kill her? Really a kiss from Ail and all is forgiven? If nobody called Venus and Mars how did they know to show up to the fight? For that matter why is the Moonlight Knight not actually fighting for more then a second or two in any battle?


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