In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 10

   This episode is weird! Though I did find the English dub to be annoying, especially with how there is almost no reasoning for the costume selection. At least the Japanese dub gives us a reason of pleasing a lead. However, I don't get how egotism equates into how well someone can act. Speaking of acting, Makoto's use of her breast size as a reason to play Snow White (Japanese dub) is so wrong and yet so funny. Though I did notice her breast size, as well as the rest of her body shape, changing throughout this episode.

  Questions! Get Your Questions! Anyone else think Luna dancing while starry-eyed is something they should have done more with? Also if Ami actually has the No. 1 score on a national test wouldn't someone figure out her secret identity? Finally how did An know the old straw scam?


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