In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 11

   First off that fence that Ail and An observe the final battle at seems merged with their faces. We also have the problem of how oblivious Usagi is in the original dub to An saying she is from another planet. Usagi should not be this dumb! Especially when Usagi has noticed the duo's other strange behavior. 

   I prefer the English dub's name versus constantly hearing/seeing the shortened Aman in the Japanese. Also I like the nicer An in the English version from the 1990s versus the vicious Japanese version. There is just something about the aliens slowly adapting to human behavior that I like. Plus for once DIC actually did a good thing by making Usagi act more intelligent versus her original characterization.

   Two questions only this time. Exactly how did An and Ail get successfully registered for school with their fake pasts being so flimsy? Also how do they know how to read and speak any earth language? (Yes these things only just now occurred to me!)


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