In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episodes 12 & 13

   Things I liked in these two episode because they work: Artemis being a test subject for the Makai twig. It works because he has acted like a jerk at times in the past, and thus this amused me. Mamoru protecting Usagi on instinct. The tea (Japanese dub) vs hot chocolate (English dub) difference. Reference to the Moon Kingdom memories with the Luna book Mamoru glances at in Episode 12. Usagi's facial expressions while eating. The fact this story arc is over finally!*

   Questions: So the Makai/Doom Tree is just about the story of the origin of an alien race and how two survivors are saved through love? Plus the tree can talk and implant images in peoples heads? Usagi's Attack sends out a cleansing blast of love? Or was that just for this story arc's conclusion? Another thing I don't is how Mamoru even heard about An being "sick" in the first place? How bad were the translating writers when they have Serena/Usagi forget Melvin/Umino and Molly/Naru got attacked?

  *It just felt too much like a filler arc to pad the show.


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