Interview With Rapper Reverie Love

Rip: What kind of music are you willing to listen to but could not for one reason or another take part in?

Reverie Love: I am willing to participate in any type of music that I listen to. I am not scared to branch out & do what I want to do artistically & I don't think anyone should be scared either.

Rip: Have you had to fight stereotyping in your career?

Reverie Love: Yes, I definitely face challenges when it comes to stereotypes, especially being a woman. A lot of people expect me to sleep with them to get something just because a lot of other women have slept with them to get on a line up or to get a collab, it's ridiculous. I also get judged before people hear me rap, they think I'm gonna suck or be "good for a girl" but the minute they hear me rap, everything changes & their faces light up.

Rip: Without naming names what is a pre-show ritual that you have seen others do that you have been like "why do they do that"?

Reverie Love: I've seen people get coked out of their minds before a show & then I will see them perform sober later. Some can rock fucked up, some can't. I guess the drug use is pretty much the craziest thing I've seen.

Rip: As of this writing you are about to do a tour in the American Mid-West. How and why did you pick the tour route you are doing?
Reverie: Lol, well now I am home, been home for a minute, but I thoroughly enjoyed the mid west & I can't wait to come back! Everyone was pretty chill & open to my music. It was awesome. Met some cool people.

Rip: What are your plans for after your eventual rest from this tour? Are you going on more tours or are you doing studio work?

Reverie Love: I am working on music videos right now, visual art & also maintaining my relevance on social media.

Thank you to Reverie Love for her time and answering. Also thank you to my pal Brian “Essince” Collins for helping facilitate this interview. They can be found on twitter @reverieLOVE & @Essince.


  1. Thanks for a great interview, Rip!

  2. Welcome! Thanks again for facilitating Essince!


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