Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Factor X Miracles Edition

1. X-Factor #137 from 1997 has several flaws. From different colorings of a character's hair to a character's reaction to getting shot by a laser. This issue has too many flaws to be recommendable.

2. The Monkees #14 is nonsensical unfunny gags with very loose story plots.

3. Having text right above or below the title of a comic in a way that can cause confusion. Case in point the phrase "All New" on Vengeance Squad #1 (1975) from Charlton.

4. 1st Issue Special #6 from 1975 starred The Dingbats Of Danger Street. Considering it was the mid-70s the way the Asian-American character Bananas is drawn in a stereotypical racist fashion. While this was most likely unintentional given Jack Kirby's nature it is still not something I can recommend. There is also the fact that this kid gang creation of Kirby's is just boring when compared to their predecessors.


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