Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Tempo Boom Edition

1. The Intimates #12 from 2005 is a dissatisfying conclusion to the series due to art and story problems. It also has several typos.

2. Archie & Friends cartoon series from 1968 is not recommended due to health risks with the flashing light opening, and being very dated. (Yes this is not a comic, but it uses the comic characters.)

3. Street Fighter Super Combo Free Comic Book Day 2015 has no real plot. It is just a 'have these people fight and repeat as needed" comic. If there is a regular comic series this is promoting then they failed at doing so.

4. The story "Negative Feedback" from Justice League International Quarterly #12 circa 1993. There are failings in the art such as the body proportions and eyeballs not looking right. Also Mark Waid's writing seems to be at the barely trying level with characters and plot feeling stock for the most part.


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