Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Morrison Atomized Edition

1. Captain Atom #89 published by Charlton in 1967. Both stories have leaps in the text and visual storytelling. For example Nightshade brings a skateboard to a battle and then  not using it.

2. 'The Flash Times Five Is Fatal!' from The Flash #217 (1972) is just nonsense fictional science of the Silver Age variety in a non-Silver Age story. In other words a sub-par cover based plot shoved together with an art style that does not match.

3. 'Flash?--Death Calling!' from The Flash #199 (1970) has a weak plot due to not being a full issue worth of story. Also Iris knows Barry is the Flash and yet thinks of and refers to him in private as Flash. She should be thinking of him as Barry, her husband, at the least.

4. X-Factor #143 from 1998 has a relatively decent story, but the art is all over the place in terms of anatomical proportions. Also the pacing seems a little off in a way I can't put my finger on.


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