Quantum And Woody Must Die Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

  Spoiler Warning!

   This issue is fine for most of the art except for a specific character's chest in two panels. Now this may come across as sexist (which is not my intent) but Quantum & Woody's favorite female cop is not looking right in her departing panels. She looks like her bra is outlining her shirt and also like she is way too flat to be wearing said bra. I am all for showing women of all personalities, shapes and sizes, & etc. but can we not have a female cop look frumpy and odd in her own clothes?

   Now as for the writing it is extremely funny. The coloring is awesomely consistent. Also kudos to the letterer and editing team since I did not see any typos, except the on-purpose ones for Goat. Finally the title is not a misnomer, but not what most of us thought when this was announced. I recommend this issue be picked-up in either single format along with the previous three or in trade.


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