Rat God Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   This issue's introductory narrative is not right in feeling for a third issue, but it would work fine for a first issue or an episodic comic. The rest of the writing works well and keeps up the strangeness of the story. For crying-out-loud the comic is titled Rat God so obviously some consideration is needed for strangeness. Dialogue-wise it could be better in terms of natural dialogue, overall though it is fine.

   On the art side of things the shadows and texture are master-level at adding a realistic design sense within the comic. There are two problems with the art though. Like the first problem (introductory narrative) I did not get a positive feeling from the bottom victim on the cover. It just seemed to go overboard on the horror element with that one. Finally the first sacrifice in the story has a bad body design when disappearing into the "Rat God" pit. For example one of his arms is bigger than the other and out of place.

  Despite the problems I found, both nitpick and real, this is a solid enough issue that I am willing to recommend it.


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