Recommended Comics List Of 4 Funky Dino Taco Burgers Edition

1. Jurassic Strike Force 5 Free Comic Book Day One-Shot circa 2015. This is a simple but enjoyable narrative that is recommend for those looking for a quick read or an elementary school level kids comic. I say "elementary school level" simply to give an age range for parents to go by.

2. Drawn & Quarterly FCBD 2015 SuperMutant Magic Academy/Step Aside Pops Combo has great teen to adult material on both sides. Both creators types of humor make up for what this combo comic lacks in original feel for either of the art styles.

3. Mercury Heat Debut FCBD 2015 published by Avatar. Recommended more for the supplemental material written by Kieron Gillen than the main narrative. Though I do feel the story and art are decent.

4. Secret Wars #1 (2015) has a good story that is beautifully paced and presents some good logic. Having not followed Hickman's full Avengers runs I oddly did not feel lost. Though I did notice a problem with a character seemingly being in two visual areas on two different pages. I mainly am recommending this for the simple reason of Reed Richards being shown as a strong and decisive family man in one moment.


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