Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hey Carrot Ship Edition

1. Dr. Blink Superhero Shrink #0 (2004) created by John Kovalic and Christopher Jones and published by Dork Storm Press. Funny and satiric with a sharp wit and great visuals. It has black and white interiors, but that just means even color-blind readers can see it.

2. The story "On The Road" from Justice League Quarterly #12 1993 surprisingly wows with it's simple story and internally powerful females. It helps that the visuals don't look like they are trying to ape early Image creators styles. Recommended for those looking for super powered and independent women.

3. Deadpool #0 published by Marvel and Wizard Magazine in 1998. Just twelve pages of fun with Deadpool killing artificial versions of characters.

4. Birthright #7 published 2015 by Image is a solid sequential storytelling with the minor problem of not being accessible to all readers. If it had a recap page that would solve the problem.


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