Sailor Moon Crystal Act 21 Complication Nemesis

   Several creepy moments occur besides just the Wiseman/Phantom's appearances, and yes that includes the final scene with Small Lady and Wiseman. The creepiest moment is Demande's sexual assault on Usagi by means of forcing a kiss. I mean he clearly talks about wanting to be with her whether she wants him or not and then forces himself on her. It does not help that her reaction is odd in that she acts as if she had a real choice in the matter, especially since he used his powers on her at the time. If you look at her dialogue it comes across like she thinks she cheated. That is messed up! Also messed up is the fact that Chibi-Usa gets jealous of her Father's friendship with Pluto.

  Questions! Does Mamoru have an innate ability to inspire women to be jealous of others for weird reasons? Why did no one think Phantom might escape, especially when Queen Metallia's escape from captivity initiated the series of 'modern day' events? Why did everyone forget about Phantom? Anyone else want to smack Small Lady's bullies? Did said bullies ever get punished? If peace was occurring for so long why did Small Lady's lack of power matter?


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