Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 Hidden Agenda - Nemesis

Note: I felt it necessary to mix the questions with the opinions again for this piece. 

    Wiseman's laugh sounded freakier at times in this episode. Also great job watching the immature 900 year old! Seriously did no one think to watch Small Lady after all the Black Moon encounters? Heck shouldn't Pluto have known someone else with a key was in the time stream doorway? Speaking of Pluto she got knocked down rather easily. I did not like that! Also I did not like that my first viewing of this episode seems to have small jump cut glitches in the editing! Did like the information about Nemesis and Wiseman.  Looking forward to the future time when I will find out what was cut from the manga. On a side note I am hoping they will make English subs or dubs of the live-action stuff someday.


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