Vengeance Squad #3 Flashback Review

  Vengeance Squad #3 was published by Charlton Comics back in 1975 and yet its titular team's story sucks! Seriously their story is more Mark Trail style newspaper comic strip than comic book. There is a lack of emotion, sequencing, and just logic. I mean they are said to be "famous" and a lead meets with the Attorney General. How does that even work? Famous could just be among the criminals so I can let that slide. However arranging a meeting with a high-level authority figure when one is a vigilante is like having the Punisher read to kids.

  As for the cover it has characters showing no emotion, no realistic fighting abilities, and a clutter of visuals.

  Now there are two saving graces for this issue that make it worth recommended status. The first of these "saving graces" is the decent back-up story featuring private eye Mauser. Said back-up has logic, emotion, and sequencing galore in comparison to the titular feature. This title is also saved by the fact that there is no painful experiences, I.E. headaches, from reading the main feature.

  My Verdict: Just barely recommended.


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