What I Did And Saw At C2E2 2015 Special Post

  The reason I wrote this post is one of my tweeps asked me to.   

   First off I saw very few panels I really wanted to attend and the two I definitely saw were Valiant Entertainment related. I use the word "definitely" because after being away from a convention for several days I feel time starts working normally for me again. Anyone who has been to a big convention knows they can drain energy and distort time. Speaking of energy I grew agitated due to not remembering to actually take my medication on Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon I had to leave the con floor and go back to my room. On the way to the hotel elevators I ran into a person who was, if I remember right, working with Chip Zdarsky. She recognized me and mentioned Chip's table as the reference but I was too out of it to remember until later. Sorry!

    Now as to parties, I never have been invited to one at a convention so nothing to really say here. I did go down to the bar area of the Hyatt on Friday Night cause Donny Cates was down there. Did not get a twitter response soon enough to locate him. Though I did talk more to the Valiant staff while I was there. Found out that one of the new guys on the staff was hired around 6 months ago when they expanded staff. Heck, when I mentioned there are flaws in Dark Knight Returns one of the Valiant staff suggested I mention it to Scott Snyder. I refrained from doing so because drinking and conversing about critical comic flaws at a convention is not the best mix of things.

   On the convention floor I spent what little money I had to buy a Valiant Tour T-Shirt, Harbinger Faith Plushie, and some comics. I also purchased back issues from a few dealers including a guy I have met multiple times now named Reuben. Nice guy! I said hello to colorist and cosplayer AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole and artists like Gene Ha, Alfred Trujillo, Chip Zdarksky, Andrew Pepoy. Not to mention I exchanged business cards with one of the guys from Zenescope and Colin Lawler & Joseph Grabowski the creators of Spirits The Soul Collector.

   All in all a good convention with too narrow a focus on panels.


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