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Recommended Comics List Of 4 In Cliche Vision Edition

1. Marvel Premiere #35 from 1977 has a pretty decent origin for the character of 3-D man. The only real problems is the fight scenes. Other than that issue this is a competent comic.

2. Indestructible Hulk #19 from 2014 is a very strong story except for the presentation of the villains. Their initial appearance in/for this issue makes the tale somewhat inaccessible to those who are missing past issues.

3. Starfire #3 from late 1976, early 1977 is a relatively good story, except for all the potential rapist bad guys. However because the awesome character Thump is introduced in this issue I am looking past that characterization/storytelling fail.

4. Marvel Team-Up #55 from 1977 because of the jokes one could make from this story. Also the further introduction of other Infinity Gauntlet elements.

Joe Golem: Occult Detective Dark Horse Press Release

June 29, 2015: This November legendary Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novelist Christopher Golden and Dark Horse Comics will unleash the first ever comic book appearance of their character Joe Golem from their novel Joe Golem and the Drowning City. A five issue Joe Golem: Occult Detective mini-series will be co-written by frequent collaborators Mignola and Golden, with art by Patric Reynolds (Serenity), colors by award winning colorist Dave Stewart and covers by Spectrum Award-winning painter Dave Palumbo. The new series takes place prior to the events of the illustrated novel Joe Golem and the Drowning City. Set forty years after an earthquake leaves Lower Manhattan partly submerged under 30 feet of water, Joe Golem must hunt a horrifying creature that is pulling children into the depths of the city’s canals. “For years now, since we first saw Baltimore work as a comic, Chris and I have talked about doing comic book sequels and prequels to Joe Golem,” said …

Dark Horse Presents Volume 3 Issue 8 Review

This issue's edition of 'Murder Book' is just decent because of the lack of suspense regarding the victim's identity. The covers by Francesco Francavilla, Mike Grell, & Geoff Darrow are interesting with strong designs. I feel Groo, Weird Detective & Tarzan are the strongest of the narratives in this issue. Without spoiling I can say all the stories are enjoyable or at least interesting. I recommend this comic.

Howard The Duck Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The recap page was a little bit on the long side, yet still amusing. As for the regular cover it could have done without the Secret Wars joke text. Interior-wise the best art bit is yet again the cameos, especially the Peter Parker. That being said the best writing bit is Dr. Strange "battling" mystical foes and his reason for doing so. Finally the back-up story is a good Howard the Duck related Ant-Man promotional with excellent work by Katie Cook and Heather Breckel. I highly recommend this issue.

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  While I still think some of Mico Suayan's aesthetics could be better I think his ability to be consistent has gotten back on track with this issue. Yes there is a jump in the sequential art when Bloodshot puts the cop to sleep, but it is not so big that it severely harms the story. As for the writing it could be a little more creepy with Toby's behavior. Especially as I suspect Toby is infected with the most nanites. Overall this is a masterwork of an issue that combines gritty realism with quality science fiction.

  Very Recommended!

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Bouncing Back Edition

1. Strange Suspense Stories #77 circa 1965 is just a series of failures. The first example of this is the too short story at the beginning that has a regular human with a bullet repelling back.  Example two features the writer stating space is below freezing and then having Captain Atom take a boy out into space unprotected. Do I need to say more.

2. Cap's Hobby Center advert from 1964's The Flash #149 is just sort of there. It is like the artist tried but the ad copy was lazy. I mean they compared racing cars to toy racing cars of the time.

3. Also found in 1964's The Flash #149 is a PSA titled "Children Of Tomorrow!" This PSA oversimplifies the fight against poverty and hunger in various countries.

4. Finally the just okay story "The Flash's Sensational Risk!" from The Flash #149 (1964). While decent for its time of publication it has not aged well on the scientific front and the fiction is somewhat generic. For example the other-dimensional bad g…

X-O Manowar Valiant 25th Anniversary Special Issue 1 Super-Mini-Review

There is not much I can say about this special. I feel it is recommended for those wanting to know more about the origins of the armors. The art, coloring, lettering, and writing are all great. Finally the pacing is excellent.

Archie Vs. Predator Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The third time is not a charm in this four issue mini-series. First the regular cover has Archie looking like he is in shock and yet Betty is only mildly surprised by the Predator. That makes the weird impression, at least to me, that something severely untoward is happening under the table. The interior art on the other hand looks fine for the coloring, design, and line work.

   Though the main problem is the writing which dovetails in the following ways: Characters acting different suddenly, such as Dilton's unexpected insanity. Also most of the cast has been killed off by the end leaving very little for a fourth issue to do. Characters suddenly acting very self aware regarding horror movie scenarios when in previous issues they were not aware. Finally the opening felt like set-up which is a bad idea in a penultimate issue.

   Not Recommended.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 18

Dislikes for this episode include: Obvious questions that are delayed till this episode. 900 year old Chibi-Usa taking a swim class with children. (Creepy!) The look of the droid being too Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins. Also the relatively minor detail of the scouts knowing the monster is called a droid. Finally the fact that the original English dub apparently had the voices out of sequence near the end, and Luna's voice was used instead of Puu/Pluto's.
    I did like Tuxedo Mask's rose destroying the drum. Other than that this episode didn't really grab me that much. Mainly it is because the episode felt too much like the production team was stretching the story out. Though this episode did make me think of one important question which is: Why did future Ami, with all the scientific advancements and all her knowledge, not think of a way to mature Chibi-Usa?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Larger Than Ant-Man Edition

1. Ant-Man: Larger Than Life from this week in 2015 is okay except for the reprint material. The new story is basically another version of Hank Pym's origins only set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We then get two goofy and somewhat badly told stories in the reprint material featuring the two origins that began Hank Pym/Ant-Man's Career. Recommended when you can find it for less than $3.99.

2. Chronos #4 from 1998 has a plot that is a little unfocused but overall moves the series forward while creating a lot of fun.

3. Excalibur #28 circa 1990 is a delightful mishap filled date with a superhero couple in a bar setting.

4. Buying Original Art or rare comic art as Production Art Transparencies due to: the current market, the fact they are being made less and are thus rare because of computers. Also if you can buy some for a good price and carefully store it then someone may pay you a lot more for it.

Loki Agent Of Asgard Issue 15 Super-Mini-Review

The art is slightly better than the writing. I say this because Odin's dialogue is a little heavy-handed.  However the writing does provide lot of epic moments and a good character origin and study. Overall a good issue, and one I strongly recommend for Thor fans.

Neverboy Issue 4 Review with Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  This issue shows a lot of creativity, but it and the series lacks real focus. Yes there is a sequential narrative that has been going on. The problem is that the cliffhanger endings to Neverboy #1, #2, #3 have been wasted. In turn this makes it feel more episodic than serial in nature. For example issue #3 ended with Neverboy's fake family leaving him and yet in this issue he is somewhat reunited with his son. If the writer does not like to do continuity then maybe this should just be a series of specials or back-up tales in Dark Horse Presents. As it stands this series needs to recover focus fast.

Not Recommended.

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Lovecraftian Edition

1. Did dreaming Cthulhu realize the pointlessness of his existence through a nightmare?

2. Could Cthulhu snore?

3. What about talking or sleep walking?

4. Is it still deicide when a god kills themselves?

Unity Issue 19 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    Overall this issue is worth recommending. However, though the artist is very competent there are problems near the end of the issue. Mainly just some weakening in the line work, and one bizarre off-design of Warmonger where she looks like a male monster. Other than that I loved the art. As for the writing and lettering there is a missing "is" but fine work otherwise. Finally I find the idea of various Unity teams before the current Unity team to be interesting, especially when the Eternal Warrior is not involved. Hopefully we will see future versions during in either Book Of Death or Ivar, Timewalker.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 24 Attack Black Lady

How the heck would anyone enforce their will and conscience on a planet? Also creepy incest kiss equals yuck! All said there are several moments I liked in this episode including: Pluto's flashback, the brief foreshadowing with the rod and crystal compact, Diana's speech to Pluto that gets her butt moving, Demande's sudden insanity. Finally I can only say we better not get another cliffhanger ending like this one, because it felt like a cheat.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Who Arc The Dark Chronos Edition

1. Mega Man #50 (2015) features a good fourth part of the 'World Unite' crossover with the Sonic The Hedgehog titles. The art does not feel stock like and the characters come across as smart. However I feel that certain letter placements could have better positions, but that is just a nitpick.

2. The story 'Asylum Sinister!' from Batman #327 (1980) is not that great, but if one sticks with it they get an okay "Batman trapped in Arkham Asylum" story.
3. Chronos #5 circa 1998 is a good story with a great amount of character and plot development. Though there are the small problems of one grammar mistake and two bits of clunky dialogue.
4. Long Distance #1 (Of 4) is an awesome start that has a slightly different design and tone to Thomas Zahler's early work Love And Capes. This comic is sort of a modern When Harry Met Sally by way of Howard Stern's Private Parts. It is available on Comixology.

Ivar Timewalker Issue 5 Mini-Review

This issue feels like it could have used a little more polish on the script. The two problems I found are some places where either the dialogue or scene changes needed to be different. On the scene front it is just a matter of which scene leads into which. As for the dialogue there are just a few parts that feel unnatural in how they are said. Though the issue as a whole is great and one I recommend.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 17

Rei's Grandpa rocks! Chad, the Americanized version of Yuichiro, still seems funnier and to have a better voice than his original version. Though the logic, as well as the rest of episode, is better in the Japanese dub I prefer the 1990s English version more. The reason is that I felt there was more emotion in the English dub's delivery than what the Japanese dub gives off. Also because there is a Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom reference in the 90s' English dub.

   Questions! I have to wonder who originally wanted the pro wrestling aspect for this episode? Also could the villainess have been more obvious with the big gem mixed with the workout attire? Where were the other scouts during this fight? How did Tuxedo Mask know to show up? Why does Mamoru temporarily disappear from the fight after the monster is defeated?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 16 Day Of Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   This issue has two big problems and one of them is two-fold. The first problem is that the plot does not really move forward except to have Angel appear. This creates another problem in that we focus on the past involving Buffy and Angel. Why does she still care for Angel after the whole season 8 mess is sidestepped but also stumbled with. I mean stumbled in that they both act awkward around each other. As for the second problem it is a simple matter of 180 degree camera rule being broken towards the end of the fight. By switching the viewpoint in this manner the reader is taken out of the story.

    Now there are good character moments, especially with Xander, and I feel most of the art is great. However, I do not recommend this issue on its own. I do recommend it in the collected formats.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Bat Trains A Coming Edition

1. The back-up tale 'Express To Nowhere' from Batman #327 (1980) is indecisive regarding the type of Batman tale it wants to tell. It shifts from a 1966 Adam West type with words like "chum" to Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams darkness type story. Also it really feels a little too compressed for the plot and decompressed for the action.

2. G.I Joe A Real American Hero #19 (1984) is just "there" in terms of everything. Also the character of Kwinn is called an Eskimo which is not right from a civil rights standpoint. The writer also has Kwinn spout off about Weasels and Bears in a psychotic ramble before he is killed.

3. Looney Tunes #156 (2008) has bad attempts at comedy and general storytelling featuring stock drawings of the characters. It also has each story end in an abrupt and very odd way. Avoid this one and don't give to kids.

4. Charlton Bullseye #1 from 1981 has mistakes on all levels. From a lettering mistake to illogical fighting poses to telling w…

Grimmiss Island Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  Despite the last page being an odd way to say the story could continue I think this is very much a recommended issue. This being said the transition from Spanish to French back to Spanish is a bit too random. Though seeing as this is a kids comic I think the exposure will be good for those who want their kids to learn languages early on. As for the story it really speeds along compared to the previous three issues, at least from this adult's perspective. Kudos to the entire creative team for this series for creating not just a kids book but a learning experience.

Creepy Issue 20 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  All of the issue has good line-work. Though I will say I found the design of the cover to be muddy, except the text on the collar of the pet makes up for that. The reason I say it makes up for this is that laughter often makes one forget about problems. Speaking of problems about half the installments in this issue are not creepy. The ones that are creepy 'Bowser', 'Verto', and 'Skinny' for their mind-bleeping horror concepts. For example 'Bowser' has a take that could easily have been inspired by an episode of the Brady Bunch. (if the Bradys owned a monster pet.)

  I recommend this issue because while all the installments are not creepy they are solid work.

Neverboy Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  This whole comic feels like a modern day attempt at replicating Salvador Dali with a mix of Grant Morrison and Frederico Fellini. There is a main problem with this attempt and that is Neverboy's wife   & child. They come back into his life too quickly and the plot shifts again. It was fine with the taxi driver/painter last issue, but shifting the plot focus in all three issues has started to hurt the story. I mean what is the story really about? Yes the art and story are a weird mixture of hallucination and dream, but without a plot focus it is just a series of events.

 I can not recommend this issue.

Not Recommended Comics List Of Shut The PSA Edition

1. Timewalker #14 from the 1995 part of the Acclaim/Valiant Comics era is just bleh! I mean the story could have worked if not for the framing sequencing and plot being pointless. Also why does Ivar not know anything about famous musicians like Bach and Mozart. He is a time traveler and part of time travel is knowing basic knowledge at the least. What makes this issue worse is that this is such a compressed story, and it has a Scooby-Doo doorway gag. I am so glad for current Valiant Comics having actual quality versus this barely attempted junk.

2. Batman #328 from 1980 has two barely connected stories and thus the cover is a lie. For crying out loud the cover text about it being A Novel-Length THRILLER! is bull just from the fact there is a bonus story. (Which is mentioned on the cover.) Plus both criminals have stupid revenge/fixing problematic pasts plans. Though I won't spoil them for those still willing to read this issue. What I will say is Batman just leaves two injured all…

10 Days Left For Martian Comics Kickstarter

Kickstarter Link

I have worked on stuff for Sequart Organization and thus Dr. Julian Darius in the past. However I have nothing to do with and make no money off this kickstarter project.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 16

There were a lot of logic leaps such as Artemis not telling anyone about the Ice Cream store and suddenly the scouts knowing that is where he was going. How he is not dead from being in a block of ice that long I do not know. Nor do I know how any of the characters snuck into the Ice Cream freezer/back room. Another thing that doesn't make sense in either version is how Chibi-Usa is 900 years old but lacks any wisdom or emotional maturity. Also why did the ice powered villainess capture people at all? Finally the fourteen year old genius (Ami) has to go to Germany for the stupidest reason...plot contrivances!

   Does anyone know if the writers, and rewriters, just got lazy or hateful regarding the work they had to do on the show at times? Cause there are several episodes like this one that suggest that possibility.

Sonic The Hedgehog Issue 273 Day Of Mini-Review

Having not read part two in this crossover I still found this to be a very accessible issue. The art is great in terms of character designs and sequencing, except for one panel and the final two page spread. For example the final page is confusing regarding who the characters are looking at. The  panel is just not put in the right place on the page (you will know it when you see it). Finally the writing is great in terms of being family friendly while not talking down to the reader.

  I recommend this issue.

Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps Issue 1 Day Of Mini-Review

This issue has a beautiful regular cover that drew my eye to it when I was thinking of whether to buy this or another Secret Wars (2015) tie-in. The cover and interior line work by David Lopez really shows a mix of kinetic motion and emotion in each moment. As for the writing Kelly Sue DeConnick & Kelly Thompson thrust readers into an adventure mystery. They do this while providing enough set-up and a strong cast of complex characters. Finally a good job is done by Joe Caramagna on the lettering. 
   I very much recommend this issue.

Neverboy Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue comes across as another first issue set-up story, and thus probably should have been worked into the actual first issue. That being said it is a decent issue that introduces us to another lead/supporting character whose story intersects with Neverboy's own. There are two other parts that add to this issue's appeal: The constant drug/junkie references combine with the imaginary friend aspect to create a surreal and thoughtful narrative. Also the aesthetics of Neverboy, such as the designs and colors, create a world in a Brendan McCarthy type vein.*

   I recommend this issue.

*I hold Brendan McCarthy's talent in high-esteem in terms of his creative concepts and style. So this is a big compliment from me.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 Covert Maneuvers Wiseman

I have to say I am surprised Phantom is still going by the name Wiseman. Also I am still wondering why there needs to be a creepy incest angle at all. I mean 900 hundred years and Small Lady had an undiagnosed Electra Complex for all that time? 
   Not only did the above question pop into my mind because of the events of the episode but several others did as well. For example Luna P can erase memories, yet Neo Queen Serenity seems to have foreknowledge. So is Usagi going to erase everyone's memories of the Future/Time Travel events except her own? Also even though Usagi's mom had her memories erased shouldn't she still be worried about her daughter's supposed injury?
   Finally was Rubeus the only one of the manipulated villains with any brains regarding Wiseman? Yes he died rather quickly in the last act, but then who would have expected Small Lady being turned into a powerful villain? Finally I have to wonder if Phantom is related to the Moon Kingdom or Sailor Plu…

Ninjak Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The writing is superb in terms of Script and Dialogue. It is very much an old school action movie feel meets modern comic and movie aesthetics. The fall is said, by the Valiant staff at C2E2, to be in real time and it certainly feels that way when read this issue. The only problem I have is believing that kid Colin stayed away from the butler for so long in the past. As for the art I have no complaints and can only say it is outstanding. Kudos to the whole creative team and the whole company for this recommended issue.

Dead Drop Issue 2 Review

There are good parts to this not recommended issue. One good bit is the action scenes that have great kinetic motion. The art has amazing levels of texture and depth. It also is given an additional feeling of texture by the colorist's decisions. Finally all of the art could tell the story without the words. However, the writing is the problem. It causes Archer to sound out of character a lot of times, and the bystanders reactions are too easy-going. I also felt lost because of how the script was written.

    Unless you are a completist you might want to skip this issue.

Once Upon A Time In The Midlands Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning! 

  If we look at this movie as a modern day British High Noon type western it is awesome. I mean those words should not work for describing a mixing of genres. The problem though is the movie tries for casual upset during a period in a family's daily life. This makes the story very uneven. I found this to be so mainly because the script makes Rhys Ifans character a neurotic good guy that I just wanted dead. Ifans is not helped by the fact that his love interest acts insecure and unsure of who she wants. Also if Robert Carlyle's character had not been more charismatic than Ifans's character we might have had a believable rivalry.

  As it stands we needed serious script and directing changes for this to truly work. The supporting characters needed more fleshing out and the unnecessary ones removed. Also making Carlyle's character a self-centered junkie midway through felt flimsy. I mean we barely see the supporting cast after the first junkie reference a…

Imperium Issue 5 Review

This is an excellent issue full of twists and turns. It also feels accessible enough for readers new to the title to hop on board. The art is strong in terms of the various designs and all of the line work. Each color chosen adds to the realistic feeling of the locales. The lettering is top notch in terms of placement and font styles. Joshua Dysart writing has developed realistic personalities for each character. In conclusion I highly recommend this issue.

In The Name OF The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 15

This is a weird episode with abrupt changes that really make no sense to me. I especially don't get the break-up based on a vision in both dubs, and Usagi being called "weak" in the Japanese dub. Usagi is many things but don't think she could or should ever be considered weak! Also I think this had the weirdest villainous attempt to change the future ever. Finally I am not getting into the jealousy issues of Usagi and Chibi-Usa this time except to say "Creepy!"

  One question: Did anyone else get the impression from either dub that Usagi's mom was interested in Mamoru? She just seemed a little too calm and happy about this development.

Hellboy 100 and The Hero Initiative Charity Dark Horse Press Release

June 2, 2015 - The Hero Initiative, the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need, unveiled its latest project today, The HELLBOY 100, in collaboration with HELLBOY creator Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics. To create the HELLBOY 100, Dark Horse Comics printed 100+ blank covers of the landmark first issue of HELLBOY & THE BPRD: 1952, written by Mignola and John Arcudi and featuring the art of Alex Maleev with colors by Dave Stewart. The Hero Initiative then commissioned internationally renowned comic book artists to do an original drawing on each cover, including Gabriel Bá, John Cassaday, Fábio Moon, Eric Powell, Bill Sienkiewicz and Mignola himself. The originals will be auctioned off via at the rate of approximately 10 per week for 10 weeks. Both hardcover and softcover editions of a book collecting all the covers will published by Dark Horse Comics in September, 2015. “Many of the comic book c…

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  While I personally enjoyed this comic I just cannot recommend it. Several reasons factor into this including the mentions of Bloodshot having fallen in love with recently deceased Geomancer Kay McHenry. They barely knew each other! I mean sure it could have been a small spark of love that bloomed over what she did for him and their conversations. However the way they talk about it in the previous issue summary makes it sound like a long love affair.

  Next up we have the belligerent veteran cop known as Hoyt. I have no idea if I am supposed to hate if or just dislike him. Yes, he makes idiotic ignorant comments like calling a special agent a twelve year old and comparing autistics to crazy people. Though there are other moments that make me think that we are supposed to sympathize with him. Exactly whether or not I should care about him I do not know. (I do think the autistic comment was way outline of line and deserving of character hate.)

  Going back to Hoyt&#…

Divinity Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

Despite the art lacking depth in certain areas, such as Livewire's face when talking to Neville, it is great work. Also despite the slight change in how the narrative is told the story is still an extraordinary tale. The colors go well with the general design sense. Though speaking of design, the creator commentary mentions how a circular motif is used throughout the tale and that it should be apparent in someway. To be honest I was only vaguely aware of this on a borderline subconscious level. Overall I found this to be a bit anti-climatic for the end to the first Divinity story. However I still recommend it as a comic and series.