Bloodshot Reborn Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  While I personally enjoyed this comic I just cannot recommend it. Several reasons factor into this including the mentions of Bloodshot having fallen in love with recently deceased Geomancer Kay McHenry. They barely knew each other! I mean sure it could have been a small spark of love that bloomed over what she did for him and their conversations. However the way they talk about it in the previous issue summary makes it sound like a long love affair.

  Next up we have the belligerent veteran cop known as Hoyt. I have no idea if I am supposed to hate if or just dislike him. Yes, he makes idiotic ignorant comments like calling a special agent a twelve year old and comparing autistics to crazy people. Though there are other moments that make me think that we are supposed to sympathize with him. Exactly whether or not I should care about him I do not know. (I do think the autistic comment was way outline of line and deserving of character hate.)

  Going back to Hoyt's twelve year old comment about the special agent: How did he come to that thought? I mean the design of several characters' faces change in a lot of the panels. Another artistic problem is the African-American Bloodshot at the end being identified as African-American. How do you get the description of a chalky white complexion with a red dot on the chest attacking people to be that clear? Did the authorities do facial recognition or something?

   Speaking of the red dot, the fact that Bloodshot does not think about the possibility of mistaken identity is an act of idiocy. For crying out loud buying guns with that on a shirt after that same gun seller sold to this issues bad guy is a bone head move. Though I will admit that his drug and booze binges might be a factor with lack of thinking about shirt design during said gun sale. Also why did he (Bloodshot) not contact Neville or someone else in Unity for guns or help? Cause he has the connections and they (Unity) will probably be making the connection between the crimes and him. 

  The good parts are the realistic dialogue, coloring, lettering, everything Bloodsquirt related, and finally Bloodshot recognizing his possible insanity. Other than that this is a very flawed issue. Finally I noticed more problems that I have not mentioned so be grateful everyone.


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