Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 16 Day Of Review With Spoilers

   Spoiler Warning!

   This issue has two big problems and one of them is two-fold. The first problem is that the plot does not really move forward except to have Angel appear. This creates another problem in that we focus on the past involving Buffy and Angel. Why does she still care for Angel after the whole season 8 mess is sidestepped but also stumbled with. I mean stumbled in that they both act awkward around each other. As for the second problem it is a simple matter of 180 degree camera rule being broken towards the end of the fight. By switching the viewpoint in this manner the reader is taken out of the story.

    Now there are good character moments, especially with Xander, and I feel most of the art is great. However, I do not recommend this issue on its own. I do recommend it in the collected formats.


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