In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 17

   Rei's Grandpa rocks! Chad, the Americanized version of Yuichiro, still seems funnier and to have a better voice than his original version. Though the logic, as well as the rest of episode, is better in the Japanese dub I prefer the 1990s English version more. The reason is that I felt there was more emotion in the English dub's delivery than what the Japanese dub gives off. Also because there is a Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom reference in the 90s' English dub.

   Questions! I have to wonder who originally wanted the pro wrestling aspect for this episode? Also could the villainess have been more obvious with the big gem mixed with the workout attire? Where were the other scouts during this fight? How did Tuxedo Mask know to show up? Why does Mamoru temporarily disappear from the fight after the monster is defeated?


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