Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Bat Trains A Coming Edition

1. The back-up tale 'Express To Nowhere' from Batman #327 (1980) is indecisive regarding the type of Batman tale it wants to tell. It shifts from a 1966 Adam West type with words like "chum" to Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams darkness type story. Also it really feels a little too compressed for the plot and decompressed for the action.

2. G.I Joe A Real American Hero #19 (1984) is just "there" in terms of everything. Also the character of Kwinn is called an Eskimo which is not right from a civil rights standpoint. The writer also has Kwinn spout off about Weasels and Bears in a psychotic ramble before he is killed.

3. Looney Tunes #156 (2008) has bad attempts at comedy and general storytelling featuring stock drawings of the characters. It also has each story end in an abrupt and very odd way. Avoid this one and don't give to kids.

4. Charlton Bullseye #1 from 1981 has mistakes on all levels. From a lettering mistake to illogical fighting poses to telling what is visually occurring. The only reason to look at this is if you want to make the connection between the ending and Watchmen.


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