Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Bouncing Back Edition

1. Strange Suspense Stories #77 circa 1965 is just a series of failures. The first example of this is the too short story at the beginning that has a regular human with a bullet repelling back.  Example two features the writer stating space is below freezing and then having Captain Atom take a boy out into space unprotected. Do I need to say more.

2. Cap's Hobby Center advert from 1964's The Flash #149 is just sort of there. It is like the artist tried but the ad copy was lazy. I mean they compared racing cars to toy racing cars of the time.

3. Also found in 1964's The Flash #149 is a PSA titled "Children Of Tomorrow!" This PSA oversimplifies the fight against poverty and hunger in various countries.

4. Finally the just okay story "The Flash's Sensational Risk!" from The Flash #149 (1964). While decent for its time of publication it has not aged well on the scientific front and the fiction is somewhat generic. For example the other-dimensional bad guys are very human looking, and the radiation mentioned in story does not harm Kid Flash.


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