Not Recommended Comics List Of Shut The PSA Edition

1. Timewalker #14 from the 1995 part of the Acclaim/Valiant Comics era is just bleh! I mean the story could have worked if not for the framing sequencing and plot being pointless. Also why does Ivar not know anything about famous musicians like Bach and Mozart. He is a time traveler and part of time travel is knowing basic knowledge at the least. What makes this issue worse is that this is such a compressed story, and it has a Scooby-Doo doorway gag. I am so glad for current Valiant Comics having actual quality versus this barely attempted junk.

2. Batman #328 from 1980 has two barely connected stories and thus the cover is a lie. For crying out loud the cover text about it being A Novel-Length THRILLER! is bull just from the fact there is a bonus story. (Which is mentioned on the cover.) Plus both criminals have stupid revenge/fixing problematic pasts plans. Though I won't spoil them for those still willing to read this issue. What I will say is Batman just leaves two injured allies to fend for themselves in two different ways. For example how is a homeless woman supposed to pay for medical expenses? I mean the doctors don't know he is Bruce Wayne, he of the insanely wealthy! Gah!

3. "Lost -- A Free Education" is a PSA from 1966 that appears in The Flash #165. It gives a good message to readers, but is too heavy-handed in delivery. Also the dialogue is unnatural for the characters to be spouting.

4. Flash Gordon Marooned On Mongo, The Animated Movie released in 1996 is 75 minutes of bad. From the character movement to vocals to design it all fails. By saying it is "based on classic cartoon characters" the production team say it was ashamed about being based off a comic strip. Just avoid!


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