Once Upon A Time In The Midlands Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning! 

  If we look at this movie as a modern day British High Noon type western it is awesome. I mean those words should not work for describing a mixing of genres. The problem though is the movie tries for casual upset during a period in a family's daily life. This makes the story very uneven. I found this to be so mainly because the script makes Rhys Ifans character a neurotic good guy that I just wanted dead. Ifans is not helped by the fact that his love interest acts insecure and unsure of who she wants. Also if Robert Carlyle's character had not been more charismatic than Ifans's character we might have had a believable rivalry.

  As it stands we needed serious script and directing changes for this to truly work. The supporting characters needed more fleshing out and the unnecessary ones removed. Also making Carlyle's character a self-centered junkie midway through felt flimsy. I mean we barely see the supporting cast after the first junkie reference and the self-centered part is focused on at the last 20 minutes. Overall this great cast is wasted in a movie that is just weird enough to be watched once and never again.

  My verdict: Recommended for the adventurous viewer and fans of any of the cast. Also watch The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly style trailer for the movie before viewing. After watching destroy the your copy or re-sell it.


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