Recommended Comics List Of 4 In Cliche Vision Edition

1. Marvel Premiere #35 from 1977 has a pretty decent origin for the character of 3-D man. The only real problems is the fight scenes. Other than that issue this is a competent comic.

2. Indestructible Hulk #19 from 2014 is a very strong story except for the presentation of the villains. Their initial appearance in/for this issue makes the tale somewhat inaccessible to those who are missing past issues.

3. Starfire #3 from late 1976, early 1977 is a relatively good story, except for all the potential rapist bad guys. However because the awesome character Thump is introduced in this issue I am looking past that characterization/storytelling fail.

4. Marvel Team-Up #55 from 1977 because of the jokes one could make from this story. Also the further introduction of other Infinity Gauntlet elements.


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