Recommended Comics List Of 4 Larger Than Ant-Man Edition

1. Ant-Man: Larger Than Life from this week in 2015 is okay except for the reprint material. The new story is basically another version of Hank Pym's origins only set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We then get two goofy and somewhat badly told stories in the reprint material featuring the two origins that began Hank Pym/Ant-Man's Career. Recommended when you can find it for less than $3.99.

2. Chronos #4 from 1998 has a plot that is a little unfocused but overall moves the series forward while creating a lot of fun.

3. Excalibur #28 circa 1990 is a delightful mishap filled date with a superhero couple in a bar setting.

4. Buying Original Art or rare comic art as Production Art Transparencies due to: the current market, the fact they are being made less and are thus rare because of computers. Also if you can buy some for a good price and carefully store it then someone may pay you a lot more for it.


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