Recommended Comics List Of 4 Who Arc The Dark Chronos Edition

1. Mega Man #50 (2015) features a good fourth part of the 'World Unite' crossover with the Sonic The Hedgehog titles. The art does not feel stock like and the characters come across as smart. However I feel that certain letter placements could have better positions, but that is just a nitpick.

2. The story 'Asylum Sinister!' from Batman #327 (1980) is not that great, but if one sticks with it they get an okay "Batman trapped in Arkham Asylum" story.

3. Chronos #5 circa 1998 is a good story with a great amount of character and plot development. Though there are the small problems of one grammar mistake and two bits of clunky dialogue.

4. Long Distance #1 (Of 4) is an awesome start that has a slightly different design and tone to Thomas Zahler's early work Love And Capes. This comic is sort of a modern When Harry Met Sally by way of Howard Stern's Private Parts. It is available on Comixology.


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