Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 Covert Maneuvers Wiseman

   I have to say I am surprised Phantom is still going by the name Wiseman. Also I am still wondering why there needs to be a creepy incest angle at all. I mean 900 hundred years and Small Lady had an undiagnosed Electra Complex for all that time? 

   Not only did the above question pop into my mind because of the events of the episode but several others did as well. For example Luna P can erase memories, yet Neo Queen Serenity seems to have foreknowledge. So is Usagi going to erase everyone's memories of the Future/Time Travel events except her own? Also even though Usagi's mom had her memories erased shouldn't she still be worried about her daughter's supposed injury?

   Finally was Rubeus the only one of the manipulated villains with any brains regarding Wiseman? Yes he died rather quickly in the last act, but then who would have expected Small Lady being turned into a powerful villain? Finally I have to wonder if Phantom is related to the Moon Kingdom or Sailor Pluto due to his time/space travel abilities.


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