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X-O Manowar Issue 38 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

 This issue has various narratives and yet they all work to tell one massive event.* We also get some excellent character development in each story. For example Capshaw apparently is against marriage and turns out to be a lesbian. The lesbian reveal is done in a very subtle way which I loved. A later example is the fellowship shown between Ninjak and Aric during the aftermath of the Bachelor Party incident. Even the bride gets tremendous character development throughout her appearances in this issue. Finally the Owly and Wormy and Shanhara tale shows what was happening with Shanhara (the X-O Manowar armor) during the wedding. This gives a fun conclusion to the a lighter event in the Valiant Universe.

  I did have one or two nitpick level problems with the art, but these are not worth mentioning. The colors are well chosen, especially for the paint choice Doctor Mirage is using on her walls. Finally I think the lettering is great. So my final decision is to recomme…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 24

Bad love advice is given in each dub. This especially sucks because of how Koan is an abuse victim.   I did like the battle as well as the weird speech given by Mamoru in the Japanese Dub. Due to his sudden appearance, and the events of the last episode, I am wondering if Tuxedo Mask has a communicator. For crying out loud that is the only way his sudden save makes sense here! Finally, why does Koan need to be "treated" by the Silver Crystal?

Captain Midnight Issue 21 Review

This is a good crossover issue with pretty solid writing. I say "pretty solid" because there is one period that should have been an exclamation point. Also the summary could have used some rewriting. As for the art the facial expressions are not entirely consistent, and there is at least one minimalistic expression that could have used a touch up. This issue features great work in terms of coloring and cover design.

  My verdict: Recommended!

Dead Drop Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  Except for one part of the alien baddies explanation of their motives I found the writing to be excellent. As for the coloring it could have been a less muddy choice in some ways, but it is still decent work. There are no typos that I could see. Art-wise my only complaint is a little more originality could have been used designing the hero of the issue.

  Speaking of the latest hero his name is one that certain readers, especially the younger twenty-somethings, will need to look up to get why it is such a joke. I personally feel the fact this joke hero actually turns out to be a real hero is awesome. Also it would be interesting to see him get an eighties set series exploring his origins and adventures.

 This issue is recommended even if you have not read issues one or two.

Archie Vs. Predator Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

This issue makes practically no sense! I mean we have several nonsense examples including the picture reference to Archie Meets The Punisher. Another example is the (teen) Predator being in love with two girls he has terrorized and mutilated being turned into Archie. We even have an explosion with three survivors when there was no time left on the proverbial clock to escape. On the plus side the rest of the creative team (colorist and letterer) did a decent job. Overall this series and this issue failed to live up to my expectations. It also failed to be what I think a recommended comic should be so my verdict is: Not Recommended!

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wheezing Whales Edition

Potential Spoilers

1. Sonic Universe #78 (2015) is great at promoting old video games that are unknown to certain readers. Also it feels well paced while telling a good story.

2. Loki Agent Of Asgard #16 (2015) has a great use of sunglasses. Plus seeing who Loki sides with is worth paying the cover price for this comic.

3. Wolf #1 (2015) is solid and consistent on the art. While I personally would have preferred more information about the lead the universe building more than made up for any issues.

4. TheDefenders #1 (Late 2011/Early 2012) is a solid book except for two panels where Iron Fist looks off in design. It presents some non-generic magic from Dr. Strange, gives Namor the title of King, and shows the aftermath of an event comic.

Tower25 Review With Information About Creator PJ Patten

PJ Patten is an independent with talent, particularly when it comes to minimalistic storytelling. He gives just enough art to tell a sequential story while still making each page strong. Though he is new to the pro community he has already created a very engaging work with Tower 25. His story is visceral and mature without resorting to any cliches or cheap emotional string pulling. Now this being said he needs to improve a little bit on his coloring without going over his line work. I recommend checking out this fantastic comic.

  I asked PJ for more information about Tower25 and below is what he said:   The story is about my own life and is starting with the time period when I found myself homeless after ten years of drug addiction that involved a stint with heroin, mainly a huge meth addiction.  I do realize that there are some serious gaps, but I have been going back and drawing more pages to take care of those. 
   Currently my work is available for viewing at…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 23

This episode backtracks on the awesomeness level ramping. Sure we get Mamoru transforming into Tuxedo Mask on a bike, but compared to the previous episode's action it pales in comparison. Though we did get someone besides Usagi getting upset about Mamoru's weird actions so all is not lost on story progress. However the English version was choppy with the obvious edits to the episode. Also it was weird that we get two fairytales (Snow White and Sleeping Beauty) mentioned this season.

   Questions: Why did they ramp up everything last episode and then slow things down again? Which episode has the most varied music in the entire Sailor Moon catalog of episodes? Why did Chibi-Usa run from the house rather than just to another part of the house? Why were the other customers already staring at Usagi before her loud exclamation during the end scene?

Bloodshot Reborn 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   There are two problems with consistency in this issue. The first is a small one with narrative style  that is mainly noticeable when Bloodshot turns into a narrator at the end. It feels like it spoils too much of his and Magic's future. Secondly we have the face of Diane Festival looking different from time to time. Though since this only happens one or twice in this issue it is not that problematic. A final problem occurs with Hoyt's sudden break-down being a little to out of left field. However this is more of a nitpick than a real problem.

  On the plus side we get to see Matt Kindt as one of the scientists who worked on Bloodshot. This is awesomely meta and amusing! We also get possible foreshadowing in the form of Bloodsquirt and the "ghost" of Kay throughout the issue. Though what their behavior and dialogue are telling us I am unsure of at the moment. Finally this is an overall solid issue that I recommend to other comic readers.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 22

The English dub script feels more out of place with the art than certain past episodes. I feel this is mainly because of the bed-wetting Chibi-Usa did that is not mentioned in the English dub. This is part of the reason I think the Japanese dub was superior for this episode. Another reason is the bad voice dub for the Four Spectre Sisters, and the underwhelming voice of Wiseman, in the English version. However I did like being able to understand the music in the English dubbing. Finally I think the Japanese episode has a better explanation of events than the English version.

   Questions! Why is the 900 year old Chibi-Usa not sure of her parentage and still wetting the bed? Heck, why are the villains not able to figure out the obvious sooner? Did the budget get increased for this episode? Asking this since the special effects and action are way better now!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

First off I think the lack of explanation regarding the ultraviolet weaponry, specifically the one that references Doctor Who, is a problem. Yes it is cool, but it just seems to come out of nowhere. In addition I think the exploration of insecurities both held-up and furthered the plot. Though that second problem is a little more of a nitpick. Overall the story is strong on character development and artistic talent. An example of the former is Angel realizing he is unchanging, while the Rat-Spiders are an example of the artistry. I strongly recommend this issue.

Angel & Faith Issue 14 Review

The conclusion to this issue is feels like a series conclusion rather than just a story arc's end. Also there is one worm's eye view splash page that makes no sense. On the plus side the pacing feels improved with this issue. Another plus is that the line work is consistent. Finally there are no problems that I saw from the lettering or coloring. Overall this is a recommended issue with a couple of minor flaws.

Mister X: Razed Issue 2 Review

The architectural and character designs are the best parts of this issue. However, both the writing and art are hurt by how the issue is split between each of the narratives. This makes it hard to fully enjoy either story in this (single issue) format. Though the strong characterization and beautiful color palette more than make up for formatting problems. Finally the strong plot makes up for the overabundance of words. In conclusion this is a recommended issue that will probably read better in collected form.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 26 Replay Never Ending it kind of felt anti-climatic with how they ended the show. I mean there is apparently no more episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal left to air. Also it feels like they misnomered this act. I just have several final questions left to ask: Why couldn't the Scouts take part in the final battle? Why did Neo Queen Serenity lose her ability to fight after becoming queen? Doesn't that send a bad message to females about their own potential? If they remember the future why did they not try to negate the bad events that resulted in Pluto's stupid death? Why send Chibi-Usa back to the past if she could be trained by the Future Sailor Scouts?

 By the way, I am probably not going to do any opinion pieces on the English dub of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Imperium Issue 6 Review

So much happens in this issue that I am honestly surprised by how well it was paced. One of the things that helped with the pacing is the panel designs. We also get only the necessary amount of dialogue needed. This helps leave enough mystery for readers to want to come back for more puzzle pieces and awesome moments. Speaking of greatness the colorist improved the feeling of being a witness to these events in a harsh environment. Mainly this is achieved by the use of darker colors and shadows. I recommend this comic and suggest it be nominated for an award for coloring.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Haunted Ghost Edition

1. Animax #2 from 1987 is bad due to past, present, And future tenses being interchanged constantly just on the first page. Not to mention the unnecessary and obvious exposition. Finally there is the concept of the wild animals being half-machine and half-animal. How would they even have evolved that way.

2. Secret Wars Battleworld #3 from 2015 just feels like a bunch of throwaway story concepts being used to create a cash grab attempt. All the stories have potential that is never realized.

3. Marvel Two-In-One #22 from 1978 is too split in terms of it's focus on Thor and The Thing. It also seems too reliant on pseudo-science to move the plot along. Finally it felt to me like it should have been a one-off instead of a multi-part story.

4. Drawing fight scenes using dance choreography. For example the cover to Vengeance Squad #1 (1975) looks like it was modeled after a scene from West Side Side Story.

Tomb Raider Issue 17 Review With Spoilers

Cuddy and Lara's facial aesthetics seem to change a little from time to time rather than stay consistent. However, this is just a minor and barely noticeable problem because the art is overall excellent and consistent. The narrative could be stronger regarding the lead kidnapper's motives. Also the odd behavior of Lara's best friend could be given more attention. Though it has it's flaws I have to say the creative team did a decent enough job that I am willing to recommend this issue.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 21

I don't fully get why this episode was cut from the original English dub airings. Even with the oddity of the dinosaurs there is nothing really wrong with it. Heck, I loved the rescue scene with the Scouts' powers being used against a natural disaster. Also it has some funny moments like Luna and Artemis pulling Rei's swimsuit out. Speaking of which the Scouts' bare feet were well drawn in this episode. My only real problem is the narrative is a bit too straight forward and standalone.

   Questions: Why dinosaurs? Would it have hurt to make this the Sailor Moon R movie plot instead of what they actually used? What was Mamoru doing during this episode? For that matter what about the villains?

Rat God Issue 5 Mini-Review

This issue feels off due to the odd shifts in pacing. The narrative is also riddled with non-answers about the in-story's true reality and thus I can't say for sure what this was really about. On the other hand Richard Corben's art is beautiful and unique in style and design. I feel that this is a recommended issue for those who are finishing the story.

Hawkeye Issue 22 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!
   This final issue to Matt Fraction, and the rest of the creatives, run is severely damaged by its late arrival. There is no tension regarding whether one of the Hawkeye will die. It also fails at resolving anything. For example the Kingpin and his ilk talk about killing both Hawkeyes but with 2015's Secret Wars and the different creative teams this will probably be dropped. Another example is Barney Barton's happy ending will probably be stopped and he will come back as a villain or character at some point. (This is just the nature of the Big Two and corporate comics.) I will say the art is still great, but I do not see why it took so long to get done. 
  This entire series as a whole is great! However this issue is not good or recommended on its own. Wait for the trade or any of the massive collected edition formats.

Rat God Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The line work and character designs are consistent, and have been throughout the previous few issues. On the other hand there are two problems with the writing: The pace seems to have slowed and considering this is the penultimate issue that is odd. Problem two is more philosophical in that the lead character considers self-defense murder as something that does not make him a murderer. I personally feel murder is murder and thus he is contradicting himself. However, overall I feel this is a great comic and therefore I recommend it.

Tomb Raider Issue 16 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    This issue has the overused spurned lover cliche involving the head villain and Lara's father. It comes off as too simplistic a motivation for a villainous turn. However because this is not a standalone story there might be more reasons in the next issue. Overall the writing and dialogue are very competent in this issue. Also competent is the art, though it has one mistake in the child's body language. Finally there was good work done for the lettering and coloring. Thus I am recommending this issue.

Dark Horse Comics Fight Club 2 Scratch-And-Sniff Book Mark Contest Press Release

July 11 -- San Diego, CA -- At San Diego Comic Con International, Dark Horse Comics announced today a scratch-and-sniff bookmark contest in support of the acclaimed FIGHT CLUB 2 mini-series, which is written by Chuck Palahniuk, illustrated by Cameron Stewart and colored by Dave Stewart, with covers by David Mack. Dark Horse Comics has provided 10,000 scratch-and-sniff bookmarks, numbered to correspond to a clue in the same-numbered FIGHT CLUB 2 issue, to select comic shops around the United States. Readers who correctly identify the scents on all five bookmarks are eligible to win the grand prize: every FIGHT CLUB 2 comic including variants, FIGHT CLUB 2 swag, an autographed collector’s edition of the FIGHT CLUB novel, and the hardcover FIGHT CLUB 2 graphic novel (available June 2016). Ten additional winners will receive copies of the FIGHT CLUB 2 graphic novel, and comics retailers chosen by winners will receive matching prizes. Fans present for the FIGHT CLUB 2 panel during which t…

Eerie Issue 7 Mini-Review

All of the art from the cover to the interiors is expertly done. Especially the stories done by Alex Toth, Tim Seeley, and Alexander Perkins. As for the writing the stand-outs, in my opinion, are Archie Goodwin & J. Torres. Though I don't think the whole issue lives up to the definition of eerie this is still a recommended comic.

Unity Issue 20 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

     The art is great for the past eras, but the art for current times is subpar. That is not to say this issue is bad just that a section of it looks rushed. In regards to the letterer and colorist I think they did good jobs. As for the writing it is strong. Though having the character of Warmonger be responsible for various major wars like World War 1 is a weak cliche to use. It makes it sound like she is more like the Immortal Enemy than her own character. Also it feels a little insulting to the idea of people just being evil at times. Despite these faults I recommend this issue.

Ninjak Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

The two stories in this issue are well written, but they seem somewhat out of the Valiant "norm." I attribute this to Matt Kindt being given more trust to write in his voice versus a company voice. The first story has stunningly beautiful art while the second is more of a subtle beauty. There is one problem in that those expecting a sudden pay-off to any of the events from last issue could be displeased. Though I think this issue will pay off in the long term from what I heard at C2E2 2015.

   I very much recommend this issue, especially because we get the beginning of Kannon's origin.(Which ties into Roku's origin in the main story.)

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 20

This is a much better episode than the last few in terms of narrative and character development. For crying out loud Mamoru actually kicks some major butt in this episode. Yeah it is brief but at least it shows how useful he can be. However there are problems like why Rei's attack fails with no explanation and the reforming food. Speaking of the food I wish the villains actually didn't appear so we could have seen more curry related scenes. Finally I am wondering why Chibi-Usa's underwear is showing during her attempt at solo cooking. This just feels inappropriate to me.

   Questions! What were the other Spectre sisters doing? Why do the baddies need to find the Crystal Points if they are from the future? How are they finding them? Why did the original American dub remove Minako cutting her finger yet left in Rei riding in a shopping cart? The former teaches a cutting safety for crying out loud! The latter is totally not safe!

Ivar Timewalker Issue 6 Mini-Review

There is not much to say about this issue, especially without spoilers. It is great but not revolutionary in it's narrative. The art is good at telling the same story with or without the text. Finally the cliffhanger ending leaves food for thought. I recommend picking this issue up.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Rags To Man Riches Edition

1. Ragman #2 (1976) is a pretty good issue with only one sequential problem that happens late in the story. In a lot of ways this is an almost timeless narrative. Read this story and the final page about Hetty Green if you want to find out why I like it.

2. Also from Ragman #2 (1976) is the PSA Advert 'Justice For All Includes Children 7.' This ad has a good civil rights message that it aims at kids without talking down to them. Featuring Superman.

3. Knuckles The Echidna #9 from 1998 is a good comic that works as a one-off issue and a conclusion/continuation of the previous/greater Sonic mythology. It also is very accessible with its summary of previous events.

4. Supreme #53 published by Awesome Entertainment in 1997. This issue has a decent narrative and actually makes one consider reading other issues of Supreme and possibly even Youngblood. It also has good Silver Age to Modern Age related humor.

Shaper Issue 3 Review

This issue is extremely recommended! From the cover with Ajax and Spry to the beautiful, and subtle, parts of the interiors the art simply rocks. Yes, there is a weirdness to Ajax's finger design on the cover, but it is still a great work. The fact we learn more about the settings, characters, concepts within this comic is making it Dark Horse Comics' possible Star Wars replacement title. More people should check out Shaper.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 25 Showdown Death Phantom

Chibi-Usa being the next Sailor Moon raises a question: Could Queen Serenity have been Sailor Moon before Usagi? Though speaking of transformations I liked the animation for Chibi-Usa's initial transformation from baddie to scout. Now that Chibi-Usa has awakened will she mature either mentally or bodily? Something else I am wondering about is why no one helped Demande when he attacks Death Phantom? Heck for that matter why does Death Phantom reveal his true form? Finally I did not like Hulu having the spoiler about Sailor Pluto's fate in the summary for this act. Though I did still get a little emotional during her monologue.

X-O Manowar Issue 37 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   While a lot of story cliches are used in this issue they are done in ways that make them seem fresh. Such as the cliffhanger at the end being very early Terminator franchise level ominous. Another example is Aric trying to give the bad guy one final chance at seeing reason. Even the art evokes fight  methods from other comics. The weird shape creature being one example. If there is one problem it is Aric's face on the regular cover looking somewhat off in terms of character design.

   Overall a very recommended issue.

Greg Pak Takes Kingsway West With A Dark Horse Press Release

PAK’S FIRST ORIGINAL SERIES FEATURES REVOLUTIONARY PREORDER SYSTEM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—This November, award-winning writer Greg Pak makes his Dark Horse debut with Kingsway West, his first creator-driven original series! After thirteen years in prison, a Chinese gunslinger named Kingsway Law just wants to find his wife. But in a fantastical American Old West crackling with magic, monsters, and racist vigilantes, trouble just won’t leave him be. And in this case, trouble is a woman with a magic sword who needs his help. “The Old West of Kingsway West reflects all of the social, economic and racial conflicts and tensions of the actual Old West—but it's also a world in which magic rather than technology drives much of the upheaval,” Pak told Comic Book Resources. “The whole scenario gives us a chance to think about the actual West in a new way—and maybe imagine entirely new ways for America to be born. And, of course, it's about heroes following their hearts as t…

Plants Vs Zombies Are Warring In The Garden Thanks To Dark Horse Press Release

GET THE EXCLUSIVE STORY BEHIND DR. ZOMBOSS’S CAPTURE OF SUBURBIA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Blooming out of the worldwide success—over one million copies sold!—of Plants vs. Zombies™: Lawnmageddon, Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse, and the new Plants vs. Zombies ongoing series comes a new comic masterpiece, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare! In the first Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare video game from Electronic Arts, Dr. Zomboss and his legions of zombie minions attacked the lush plant utopia of Suburbia. In the recently announced Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, zombies have taken over, and now, for the first time in franchise history, the plants are on the attack. Delivering a story taking place between Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, the Garden Warfare comic has the exclusive reveal of how Dr. Zomboss conquered Suburbia. The evil-genius leader is up to a whole new set of tricks—and this time, he’s succeeding, thanks to h…

Dark Horse Press Release Announces New Tomb Raider Mini

CORINNA BECKHO AND RANDY GREEN BRING HIGH-SPIRITED ACTION AND CLASSIC ADVENTURE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Lara Croft® is back with dual pistols, sharp wit, and an eye for action as acclaimed writer Corinna Beckho takes on the video game icon in Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen this October. Based in the same universe as the Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris® and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light® video games from Crystal Dynamics, Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen is a five issue miniseries written by Bechko and illustrated by Tomb Raider® comics veteran Randy Green. In this all-new adventure, Lara must stop a group of cultists from causing world-wide cataclysmic devastation, and ancient ivory artifacts hold the key to both salvation and destruction! It’s a race against time in Lara’s new quest, filled with incredible action, dual pistols, and non-stop adventure. “Lara is incredibly fun to write,” Bechko told Polygon. “She doesn’t suffer fools, she’s smart, and she’s talent…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 19

I am creeped out by the Japanese dub of this episode for having regular Chibi-Usa state she wants to be married to Mamoru! If one adds on the fact she should have been seeing a therapist about this earlier in life and you have a very disturbing 900 year old problem. Also wouldn't this cause her to possibly stop existing or make her a temporal anomaly? She has to have seen time travel media at some point in 900 years.

   As for the English Dub there was some odd changes to it like Mamoru's thought of reuniting with Usagi before leaving the store. Speaking of which was the store owner found alive later? Also wouldn't it be simply if the baddies just burned the locations down and then infused them with dark energy? Anyway the oddest line in the English dub is Luna asking about the oxygen supply for the closet.

  Finally I think the breastplate for the eldest Spectre sister is a tad obscene looking. Just saying!

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Broke Back Master Edition

1. Master Of Kung Fu #36 from Late 1975, Early 1976 has horrible dialogue and text that explains the visuals.

2. The cover to Spider-Woman #40 (1981) features a clear case of broken back syndrome.

3. Marvel Premiere #40 from 1978 has way too much dialogue, especially the expositional kind. A few pages seem to be poorly thought out in terms of sequencing. Finally the plot is kind of hokey.

4. Thinking that story title text needs to be part of something a character says. It is kind of unnecessary to do this most of the time.

Airboy Issue 1 from 2015 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

This is almost a completely misnomered title. I mean the last page is the only appearance the titular character makes in the comic. It would be more appropriate if this was named "The Misadventures Of Two Comic Creators." In my opinion this comic is not recommended if one wants to read an actual story. Yes the issue has competent writing and art, but it is more about procrastination and illegal type partying methods than anything else. Finally though it has a mature rating it crosses the line into adults only a few times.

  Not Recommended!