Hawkeye Issue 22 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This final issue to Matt Fraction, and the rest of the creatives, run is severely damaged by its late arrival. There is no tension regarding whether one of the Hawkeye will die. It also fails at resolving anything. For example the Kingpin and his ilk talk about killing both Hawkeyes but with 2015's Secret Wars and the different creative teams this will probably be dropped. Another example is Barney Barton's happy ending will probably be stopped and he will come back as a villain or character at some point. (This is just the nature of the Big Two and corporate comics.) I will say the art is still great, but I do not see why it took so long to get done. 

  This entire series as a whole is great! However this issue is not good or recommended on its own. Wait for the trade or any of the massive collected edition formats.


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