In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 19

   I am creeped out by the Japanese dub of this episode for having regular Chibi-Usa state she wants to be married to Mamoru! If one adds on the fact she should have been seeing a therapist about this earlier in life and you have a very disturbing 900 year old problem. Also wouldn't this cause her to possibly stop existing or make her a temporal anomaly? She has to have seen time travel media at some point in 900 years.

   As for the English Dub there was some odd changes to it like Mamoru's thought of reuniting with Usagi before leaving the store. Speaking of which was the store owner found alive later? Also wouldn't it be simply if the baddies just burned the locations down and then infused them with dark energy? Anyway the oddest line in the English dub is Luna asking about the oxygen supply for the closet.

  Finally I think the breastplate for the eldest Spectre sister is a tad obscene looking. Just saying!


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