In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 22

  The English dub script feels more out of place with the art than certain past episodes. I feel this is mainly because of the bed-wetting Chibi-Usa did that is not mentioned in the English dub. This is part of the reason I think the Japanese dub was superior for this episode. Another reason is the bad voice dub for the Four Spectre Sisters, and the underwhelming voice of Wiseman, in the English version. However I did like being able to understand the music in the English dubbing. Finally I think the Japanese episode has a better explanation of events than the English version.

   Questions! Why is the 900 year old Chibi-Usa not sure of her parentage and still wetting the bed? Heck, why are the villains not able to figure out the obvious sooner? Did the budget get increased for this episode? Asking this since the special effects and action are way better now!


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