In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 23

  This episode backtracks on the awesomeness level ramping. Sure we get Mamoru transforming into Tuxedo Mask on a bike, but compared to the previous episode's action it pales in comparison. Though we did get someone besides Usagi getting upset about Mamoru's weird actions so all is not lost on story progress. However the English version was choppy with the obvious edits to the episode. Also it was weird that we get two fairytales (Snow White and Sleeping Beauty) mentioned this season.

   Questions: Why did they ramp up everything last episode and then slow things down again? Which episode has the most varied music in the entire Sailor Moon catalog of episodes? Why did Chibi-Usa run from the house rather than just to another part of the house? Why were the other customers already staring at Usagi before her loud exclamation during the end scene?


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