In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon R Episode 20

   This is a much better episode than the last few in terms of narrative and character development. For crying out loud Mamoru actually kicks some major butt in this episode. Yeah it is brief but at least it shows how useful he can be. However there are problems like why Rei's attack fails with no explanation and the reforming food. Speaking of the food I wish the villains actually didn't appear so we could have seen more curry related scenes. Finally I am wondering why Chibi-Usa's underwear is showing during her attempt at solo cooking. This just feels inappropriate to me.

   Questions! What were the other Spectre sisters doing? Why do the baddies need to find the Crystal Points if they are from the future? How are they finding them? Why did the original American dub remove Minako cutting her finger yet left in Rei riding in a shopping cart? The former teaches a cutting safety for crying out loud! The latter is totally not safe!


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