Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Haunted Ghost Edition

1. Animax #2 from 1987 is bad due to past, present, And future tenses being interchanged constantly just on the first page. Not to mention the unnecessary and obvious exposition. Finally there is the concept of the wild animals being half-machine and half-animal. How would they even have evolved that way.

2. Secret Wars Battleworld #3 from 2015 just feels like a bunch of throwaway story concepts being used to create a cash grab attempt. All the stories have potential that is never realized.

3. Marvel Two-In-One #22 from 1978 is too split in terms of it's focus on Thor and The Thing. It also seems too reliant on pseudo-science to move the plot along. Finally it felt to me like it should have been a one-off instead of a multi-part story.

4. Drawing fight scenes using dance choreography. For example the cover to Vengeance Squad #1 (1975) looks like it was modeled after a scene from West Side Side Story.


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