Recommended Comics List Of 4 Rags To Man Riches Edition

1. Ragman #2 (1976) is a pretty good issue with only one sequential problem that happens late in the story. In a lot of ways this is an almost timeless narrative. Read this story and the final page about Hetty Green if you want to find out why I like it.

2. Also from Ragman #2 (1976) is the PSA Advert 'Justice For All Includes Children 7.' This ad has a good civil rights message that it aims at kids without talking down to them. Featuring Superman.

3. Knuckles The Echidna #9 from 1998 is a good comic that works as a one-off issue and a conclusion/continuation of the previous/greater Sonic mythology. It also is very accessible with its summary of previous events.

4. Supreme #53 published by Awesome Entertainment in 1997. This issue has a decent narrative and actually makes one consider reading other issues of Supreme and possibly even Youngblood. It also has good Silver Age to Modern Age related humor.


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