Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wheezing Whales Edition

Potential Spoilers

1. Sonic Universe #78 (2015) is great at promoting old video games that are unknown to certain readers. Also it feels well paced while telling a good story.

2. Loki Agent Of Asgard #16 (2015) has a great use of sunglasses. Plus seeing who Loki sides with is worth paying the cover price for this comic.

3. Wolf #1 (2015) is solid and consistent on the art. While I personally would have preferred more information about the lead the universe building more than made up for any issues.

4. The Defenders #1 (Late 2011/Early 2012) is a solid book except for two panels where Iron Fist looks off in design. It presents some non-generic magic from Dr. Strange, gives Namor the title of King, and shows the aftermath of an event comic.


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