Tower25 Review With Information About Creator PJ Patten

    PJ Patten is an independent with talent, particularly when it comes to minimalistic storytelling. He gives just enough art to tell a sequential story while still making each page strong. Though he is new to the pro community he has already created a very engaging work with Tower 25. His story is visceral and mature without resorting to any cliches or cheap emotional string pulling. Now this being said he needs to improve a little bit on his coloring without going over his line work. I recommend checking out this fantastic comic.

  I asked PJ for more information about Tower25 and below is what he said:
  The story is about my own life and is starting with the time period when I found myself homeless after ten years of drug addiction that involved a stint with heroin, mainly a huge meth addiction.  I do realize that there are some serious gaps, but I have been going back and drawing more pages to take care of those. 

   Currently my work is available for viewing at  I update it every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes I post more pages if I feel the need to explain things more in depth.

    I did recently sign a publishing contract with Underbellycomix as part of their webcomics program meaning that when my work has a certain amount of pages then it will go to print.  I hope to have the first manuscript handed over in a month or two, but won't go to print for around six months after that.  When it is printed it will be available through the website.  I believe it will find its way onto comixology, and stores to.  In the meantime it can be viewed for free at

   Tower25 is the series title.  The name comes from the number of the lifeguard tower where I grew up surfing and where I returned to when I was homeless.

  This is my first work going to publication so I don't have a work bio.  

  My Twitter handle @pjamasvonpatten.

  Here's a link to an interview I did. I'm including it here in case it can be of help with some info

Update circa 11/29/2015 is the comic's website.


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