X-O Manowar Issue 38 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

 This issue has various narratives and yet they all work to tell one massive event.* We also get some excellent character development in each story. For example Capshaw apparently is against marriage and turns out to be a lesbian. The lesbian reveal is done in a very subtle way which I loved. A later example is the fellowship shown between Ninjak and Aric during the aftermath of the Bachelor Party incident. Even the bride gets tremendous character development throughout her appearances in this issue. Finally the Owly and Wormy and Shanhara tale shows what was happening with Shanhara (the X-O Manowar armor) during the wedding. This gives a fun conclusion to the a lighter event in the Valiant Universe.

  I did have one or two nitpick level problems with the art, but these are not worth mentioning. The colors are well chosen, especially for the paint choice Doctor Mirage is using on her walls. Finally I think the lettering is great. So my final decision is to recommend this book with a threat of forcing non-readers to marry a mule in international waters with pictures involved.


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