Barb Wire Volume 2 Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The introduction summary at the beginning of the issue seems to have been done while Chris Warner was feeling lazy or something. It is terrible at providing the premise and just bad writing in general. Which is odd considering the dialogue is one of the best parts. Though Barb Wire says at least one thing to suggest she is older than she looks. As for the cover art if you can get past the ridiculous to just plain stupid parts, such as the gun down her pants, than you have some decent line work. Also decent are the color palette and the placement of the lettering.

   If there is one element that I have to point out as troubling it is the fight skill level. Barb Wire changes from being a Ronda Rousey strength level fighter when bounty hunting to someone who can't take out one very drunk bruiser. This plays into a general lack of strong set-up of the characters. Going forward this series will need to fix this major weak area in order to keep readers interested.

  I recommend this issue in single format for fans of the old Barb Wire comic and/or the 90s' movie. Though I think based just on this issue that non-fans may want to buy this in a digital bundle or wait for the trade.


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