Book Of Death Chapter 0 And Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

     Like all not recommended Valiant Entertainment comics this is a bad comic with quality. What I mean is that this book has potential to be enjoyable, but there are serious flaws. The first flaw is how unsteady and obvious the line work is for the non-Braithwaite pages. This makes the art appear rushed. Though the Braithwaite pages are better I would have liked an explanation of why Bloodshot looks like he has increased his proportions to bulky. As for the writing it has several logic fails. Such as Ninjak acting like an impulsive idiot by prematurely attacking Gilad. Also the fact the Eternal Warrior does not seek help is a constant character flaw especially after the events of The Valiant. Finally the lack of intelligence being used by all the characters, except the puppeteering villain, is slightly insulting to them (characters) and us (readers).

    So while I did enjoy this book, and the unnecessary Chapter 0 web comic, I found most of this to be a failure of a beginning. So this and Chapter 0 are not recommended as standalone parts to this tale.


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