Book Of Death The Fall Of Bloodshot Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   I loved this story and how it provides both hints of the definite upcoming future of Bloodshot. It also provides a way Bloodshot may die. Yes he dies in this comic's future but it could easily still be a possible future. Also even if this is the definite future for Bloodshot, we will all be dead before it can reach that far into the future. This is because Jeff Lemire has brilliantly set it at such a point in time that Armstrong has visibly aged in one part.

   Now as for the colors and lettering, the former is a great palette selection and the latter is good in placement. As for the art it could have been better in terms of the trees looking more natural. Another thing that could have been better is the trees had a bit more depth. Though seeing as the line work and montages are strong and visually interesting I really should not complain.

  My verdict: Recommended!


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