Book Of Death Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This event has now had half of it focused a little too much on Gilad, which thus makes this feel like an Eternal Warrior series. Previous events have felt like ensemble productions, so this is more of a stumble for Valiant Entertainment than it would be for another company. Also problematic is how much of a let-down it is to learn that Master Darque is the evil puppeteer. Yes he is a major threat, but I was honestly expecting a new villain. Secondly with two issues left the pacing will need to be ramped up several notches in order to present a good enough finale.

  Finally the lettering, art, and coloring all have problems: The font style of the first page's letters makes them look distorted. It looks like they are slanting at the same time they are blending with the words in bold. In regards to the Robert Gill art, it looks a little too loose in line work at times. Also troubling is that Ninjak's hair and frame are overly long and off model at one point. Another character that is off-model is Livewire who in this issue looks white-washed in pigmentation and facial features. How that made it past final approval I do not know.

  With all these problems, especially the white-washing, I can not recommend this issue.


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