Dead Drop Issue 2 Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning For Spoilers!

  The issue starts with the promise to wrap up all the loose threads but by the end it has failed on several levels. First it does not wrap up any of the dangling issues such as why Aric failed, and got captured while in the suit. We also do not see the aliens invaders again, or at least I think we don't since the story does show one massive suicidal alien. Finally there is the major problem that this last issue had Beta-Max brought back from the dead. This quickly needs to be explained away as a dream or some other kind of in-universe fiction, because if it is not then Valiant Entertainment has created a lie. "Dead means dead" is what they stipulated and yet bringing a decapitated cyborg back with no explanation has negated this. Fix It!

   In conclusion though the art, coloring and, lettering are good I do not recommended this comic.


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